Brass Foot Valve With Strainer

Product Name:brass foot valve
Material: brass
Place of origin: China
Price: to be negotiable

Product Details

Strainer Brass Foot Valve 

Advantage of the brass bottom valve

The bottom valve is a kind of energy-saving valve. There is some advantage as follows:

1). The brass bottom valve is an energy-saving valve. It is generally installed at the bottom of the water pump's underwater suction pipe to limit the return of the liquid in the pump pipe to the water source and play a function of only entering but not exiting. There are many water inlets on the valve cover The product and reinforcement ribs are not easy to be blocked and are mainly used in pumping pipelines. The role of water channels and supports. The calibre is single, double, and multi-lobe. There are flange connections and threaded connections.

2). The brass bottom valve is composed of the valve body, disc, valve cover, bushing, sealing ring and other parts.

Quick details of brass bottom valve with strainer

Nominal pressure: 1.6mpa
Nominal diameter: DN10-100
Working medium: water, gas and oil

Operating temperature: -20℃≤T≤100 ℃

Brand: Kemus

Packing: Wooden case
Thread standards comply with ISO 228

Material list of brass foot valve with strainer

Sealing surfacerubber

brass foot valve with strainer drawing

Size table of brass bottom valve with filter screen

321 1/4469957.8
401 1/251.811866
652 1/281.515496.6

Qualified certificates

certificates of brass foot valve with strainer


packing and loading of brass foot valve with strainer

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