Mask Making Machine Disposable Face

Mask making machine disposable face
Machin frame material : Mainly aluminum profile
Equipment dimensions : 4750*3500*2000mm
Products specifications : 175*95mm(adult)
Design speed : 130pcs/min
Production speed : 50-100pcs/min(Mask standard material)
Protect components : Protective cover for all main transmission parts

Product Details

Mask making machine disposable face

1. The automatic mask making machine is automatic from material feeding to mask collection.

2. High automation in ear-loop welding, edge wrapping, counting, and material discharging. The ultrasonic technique does no harm to the characteristic of the material. Easy and safe operation.

3.Artistic and durable, aluminum alloy board, lean and practicality.

4. Faster, Rotary connection device of Independent innovation design.

5.More stable, upgraded machine, MITSUBISHI PLC control system, touch screen, Taiwan photoelectric detection, stable performance, and low failure rate.

ItemTechnical specification
Machin frame materialMainly aluminum profile
Equipment dimensions4750*3500*2000mm
Products specifications175*95mm(adult)
Design speed130pcs/min
Production speed50-100pcs/min(Mask standard material)
Mask layer3-4 layer
Production rate90%
Protect componentsProtective cover for all main transmission parts

Mask making machine disposable face

What is automatic face mask making machine

We know that the medical mask is composed of the mask body and ear band, the traditional medical mask machine is made of a machine that produces the mask body, which is then welded by the inner/outer ear loop welding machine. In order to realize the perfect cooperation between the machine and the automatic weld ear loop, also achieve maximum efficiency of the production line, we need to link one mask blank machine and one ear loop welding machine work together.

automatic mask making machine can realize the automatic production of machines and capacity up to 95 to 120 pcs per minute.

Face mask making machine

Face mask making machine

Mask production machine

Mask production machine

Face mask manufacturing machine

Face mask manufacturing machine

Packing and Shipping

Face mask machine making

Earloop mask machine

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1.Commission and testing

Providing the debugging materials, the installation and commissioning are completed within two days;
2.workers training
Equipment assembly training—Training of equipment personnel for the assembly and maintenance of equipment. Mass production training-traning on handling various issues during mass production
3.After-sales service:
1)The warranty period of the equipment is 6 months,Within five years after the expiration of the warranty period. The seller shall still be responsible for the repair and maintenance of the equipment
2) Online problem solving:Respond within 8 hours, and give a solution within 24 hours,resolved within 48 hours
4.Follow-up service
Provide services to help customers purchase raw materials and accessories.


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