Mask Manufacturing Machine

Mask Manufacturing Machine
Electric Power Supply : AC380V / 220V 50HZ
Working Speed : 100 pcs/min
Production SpeedPower : 3.5KW
Total Weight : 800kg.
High quality High precision ,OEM service,larger volume manufacturing

Product Details

Mask Manufacturing Machine



1. The frame of face mask making machine is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, which is light and beautiful without rusting.

2. The face mask making machine adopted servo and constant temperature control system is controlled by PLC to make the material from coil material loading, folding and pressing, nose rib loading, mask forming, mask cutting, ear band loading and welding, finished product unloading, complete the whole set of production process fully automatic operation;

3. Intelligent control platform, easy to learn, one person can operate multiple machines;

4. High production stability, two output lines at the same time, greatly improving the output;

5. The equipment is highly automated and requires low level of operation staff. It only needs to place and finish the finished products.

6. The production speed of masks is 60-80 per minute, and the qualified rate is good.

Technical Parameters:



Electric Power Supply

AC380V / 220V 50HZ

Working Speed

100 pcs/min



Total Weight


Outline Dimension (L*W*H)


Mask Manufacturing Machine

For disposable non-woven face/facial mask body making. Every minute can output 160-200 pieces of mask body, mask specifications: 95mm*175mm. Normally work together with face mask ear loop welding machine, face mask tie on machine, our factory also produce fully automatic disposable face mask machine, from non woven raw material to completed face mask, productivity much higher.

Face mask machine

Packing and Shipping

Packaging Details:The wooden case

Port: shanghai, Ningbo

Picture example:

Face mask machine making

Earloop mask machine

Product advantages:

1 full automatic output, mask ontology has ears machine to automatically, reduce the labor costs, reduce interference May

2. The ear band machine does not need to wait for work, and the adaptive interactive processing system can comprehensively improve the productivity

3. Built-in anti-deformation and anti-displacement device, to ensure stability and reliability, all-weather 100% qualified input

4. Preset quantitative integrated output, neatly stacked, never scattered, hygienic and reliable


1.Do you provide customized?

Sure, we can design the equipment according to the data of the structural section you provide. We are professional sheet metal forming machine designer and manufacturer.

2.Do you have after sales support?

Yes, we are happy to give advice and also have skilled technicians available to maintain the machine if needed.

3.How to visit your company?

 Please advise the visiting date in advance, we can pick up you from Airport or Railway station.

4.You are trade company or factory?

We are Manufacturer.

5. Why your price is higher than others?

As we persist on that each factory should put quality at the first place. We spend time and money on developing how to make machines much more automatic, accurate and high quality. 


Elaine Zheng


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