3 Way Pvc Ball Valve

Product Name: 3 way pvc ball valve
Brand: Kemus, also accept OEM
Power: Pneumatic
Application: water supply, petrochemical, metallurgy, mining, textile, energy, paper, food, steel

Product Details

                                                  3 way pvc ball valve

3-way ball valve is a three-channel rotary ball valve, used for medium distribution, confluence and flow direction switching, any pipe can be used as inlet or outlet. Three piece pvc ball valves have many advantages:

1. Compact structure, rapid opening and closing, smooth flow channel, low fluid resistance.

2. Good sealing performance: the use of four-sided valve seat material PTFE to achieve leak-free sealing.

3. One valve is versatile: any port can be used as an inlet without leakage, and the three ports can be made into L-shaped ports or T-shaped ports.

4. Convenient maintenance: After the system is relieved of pressure, inspection and maintenance can be performed without removing the entire valve body.

5.It is widely used in water supply, petrochemical, metallurgy, mining, light textile, energy, paper, food, steel and other piping systems to switch the flow direction of the medium and to separate or mix the medium fluid.

Product Parameters of 3 piece pvc ball valve

Nominal diameter:DN15-DN50
Nominal pressure:PN16
Applicable temperature:-15℃~135℃
Connection:Threaded, Flanged

Size chart of PVC three-way ball valves

dimension of 3 way pvc ball valves

Shipping methods About 3 way type ball valves PVC

shipping way of three way pvc ball valves

Packing and Loading about PVC Ball Valve

how to pack pvc ball valve

how to pack 3 way ball valve

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