4 Way Ball Valve

Product Name: 4 way ball valve
Brand: Kemus, also accept OEM
Power: pneumatic, electric, manual
Connection: Flange
Application: global chemical, petroleum, electricity, pharmaceutical, beer, food, dairy products, beverages, cosmetics and various engineering pipeline.

Product Details

                                                  4 way ball valve

Basic info:

4-way ball valve is the x-shaped vertical channel ball valve, it is characterized by the two channels of the sphere for the x-shaped layout, four channel diameter are distributed on the equator of the sphere circumferential section, when the sphere along the clockwise rotation of 90, can make the opposite two channels to achieve mutual communication. It is widely used in the global chemical, petroleum, electricity, pharmaceutical, beer, food, dairy products, beverages, cosmetics and various engineering pipeline.

Features of four piece ball valves:

1. Low fluid resistance: the cross section of the connecting pipe between the ball and the valve body is equal, and the ball channel is connected by an arc, and the medium passes through the ball, so the fluid resistance is small.

 2. Good sealing performance: The ball valve seat adopts PTFE material with certain elastic deformation and high strength, which achieves good sealing performance and ensures the stability of four-way ball valves.

3. Long service life: ball valve core and bright neck material are made of austenitic stainless steel, and the seat material is PTFE, which can achieve good corrosion resistance and prolong the service life of the valve.

Product Parameters of four way ball valves:

Nominal diameter:DN15-DN300
Nominal pressure:1.6MPa, 2.5MPa, 4.0MPa, CLASS 150
Applicable temperature:-28℃~350℃
Power: pneumatic, electric, manual
Flange connection:JB79-59、GB9113、HG20592-97、ANSI B16.5
design standards: GB/T12237 API 6D API 608 BS 5351
Face to face:GB/T 12221 ASME B16.10
Test & Inspection:GB/T 13927 API598 API6D

Main Materials of 4-piece ball valves

Body & BonnetGBWCBZGlCrl8Ni9TiZGOCfl8Nil2M02Ti
Ball GB2Cfl31Cfl8Ni9Ti0Cfl8Ni12M02Ti
GBPTFEsoft graphitePTFEsoft graphitePTFEsoft graphite
PackingASTMPTFEsoft graphitePTFEsoft graphitePTFEsoft graphite

Size Chart of ball valve 4 ways


PN1.6 MPaL150150180200220240260280320380440550
PN2.5 MPaL1757590100110120130140160190220275
PN4.0 MPaH9090102115135140155185210275305335
CLASS 150W140140155250250350350420700100013001800

Ball valve parts drawing

Technician sheet

Shipping methods About 4 way type ball valves

shipping way of four way ball valves

Packing and Loading about 4 way item ball valve

how to pack 4 way ball valve

how to pack 4 ways ball valve

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