600 Wog Ball Valve

WOG Ball Valve
stainless steel ball valves
Working Temperature:-25℃~+180℃

Product Details

600 WOG Ball Valve

Basic Info

DN6-DN100 stainless steel ball valves with pressure 1000WOG/ 2000 WOG/ 3000 WOG /manual ball valve

3-PC BALL VALVE---------CV-021 

Investment castings for body and cap 

Internal entry blow-out proof stem

Pressure Rating:1000PSI(PN63)

Thread End: ANSI B2.1,BS21,ISO7/1 

Working Temperature:-25℃~+180℃


Products Specification about 600 WOG Ball Valve

Drawings of stainless steel ball valves with pressure 1000WOG/ 2000 WOG/ 3000 WOG

600 WOG Ball ValveWOG Ball Valve

Quality Control About 600 WOG Ball Valve

stainless steel ball

Packing and Loading about 600 WOG Ball Valve

Ball Valve

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Our factory mainly produces: Check valve, Y strainer, Ball valve, Swing Check valve, Gate valve, Elbow, Angle valve, Pressure Reducing valve, Air vent valve, Manifold etc. ;  aslo we can do Custom Made valves according requirement.

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China Ball Valve Supplier

China Ball Valve Supplier

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