Chem Oil Ball Valves

Chem Oil Ball Valves

Chem oil ball valves Standard ball valves ,OEM valve parts ,all available here in Densen! Technical Parameter for fully welded ball valve: Nominal Diameter: DN20~DN1400 Nominal Pressure: 1.6-4.0MPa Applicable temperature: -40~200℃ Connection Type: Butt welded/Flanged/Threaded/ Threaded flange...

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Chem oil ball valves

Standard ball valves ,OEM valve parts  ,all available here in Densen!


Technical Parameter for fully welded ball valve:

Nominal Diameter: DN20~DN1400

Nominal Pressure: 1.6-4.0MPa

Applicable temperature:  -40~200℃

Connection Type: Butt welded/Flanged/Threaded/ Threaded flange

Operation: Manual/with gear/electrical/worm gear/pneumatic/hydraulic 

Standard: GB/T12237-2007,API6D,GOST,ASME B16.34,ISO 9001,KC,TS.

Fully welded ball valve advantages:

1. Integral seamless steel tube pressed full-auto welded without leaking outward.

2. PTFE+25% carbon fiber and disc spring feely compensating structure zero leakage.

3. Directly buried without need of a high ground well,saving the engineering cost.

4. Both valve and pipeline are made of the same material, without the condition of uneven stress.

5. Multiple connection combination , fire and electrical prevention design, using in the special working conditions.

6Ball valve is not washed by the medium, to prevent corrosion.Fluid resistance is small, cost saving.

7. Maintenance-free for 20 years.

Specification Sheet:

Type of construction

 Normal; Resist SSC; Welded flange ball valve; Heating ball valve; Gas ball valve; 

 Pipeline ball valve; Buried design ball valve

Fully welded ball valve operated

 N/for lever operated; Electro-hydraulic operated; Pneumatic operated;

 Pneumatic operated with manual; Hydraulic operated;

 Hydraulic operated with manual; Pneumatic-Hydraulic operated; 

 General electric operated; Explosion-proof electric operated

fully welded ball valve type

 Normal; Resist SSC; Welded flange ball valve; Heating ball valve; Gas ball valve; 

 Pipeline ball valve; Buried design ball valve

Type of connection

 Female thread end; Male thread end; Flange end; Welding end;

 Wafer type; Hooped end

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