Ductile Iron Flanged Ball Valve

Item: DI ball valve
Collection: flange
Main material: DI
Delivery:5-15 days

Product Details

                                              Ductile Iron ball valve

Brief introduction :

The cast iron flange ball valve adopts a specially designed double upper elastic sealing ring, which effectively reduces the friction between the ball and the sealing ring and reduces the operating torque. When the medium pressure is small, the contact area between the sealing ring and the ball is small, so there is a large sealing pressure to ensure reliable sealing. When the medium pressure is high, the contact area between the sealing ring and the ductile iron will increase accordingly. Therefore, the sealing ring can withstand greater medium thrust without damage, ensuring reliable sealing.


1. Among various valves, the flow resistance of the ball valve is small. When the full-diameter ball valve is opened, the diameter of the ball channel, the valve body channel and the connecting pipe are equal and form one diameter, and the medium can flow through almost without loss.

2. The ball valve can be fully closed and fully opened by rotating 90°, opening and closing quickly. Compared with gate valves and globe valves of the same specification, the ball valve is small in size and light in weight, which is convenient for pipeline installation.


Quick details of the DI flanged end ball valve:

Brand: Kemus
Material: stainless steel
Connection Form: Flange
Suitable medium: water, steam
Nominal diameter: DN15-DN200 (mm)
Structural form: straight through
Pressure environment: normal pressure
Working temperature: room temperature
Standard: National standard
Flow direction: bidirectional
Drive mode: manual

ductile iron flanged ball valve drawing

Size table of flanged ball valve ductile iron:


Muti delivery for DI ball valve flange end:
quick delivery of DI ball valve flange end

Packing and Loading 

shipping and loading  ductile iron ball valve

Acknowledge certificatescertificates of flange ball valve

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