Full Bore Ball Valve

Item: ball valve
Construction: soldering, full bore
Standard: API, ANSI, DIN,BS, GB etc
Delivery:5-30 days
Price: Negotiable

Product Details

                                         Full Bore Soldering Ball Valve

Feature of full welded ball valve

1. The valve body adopts one-piece design, there will be no leakage

2. The valve body material of the product can be customized according to customer requirements, carbon steel, forged steel, stainless steel

3. The processing accuracy of the sphere is very precise and easy to operate. Air balls and solid balls can be selected according to customer requirements.

4. Customers can choose the operation mode according to the working conditions

5. The valve seat is composed of PTFE sealing ring and spring. It has strong adaptability to pressure and temperature changes. It will not cause any leakage in the scope of use. It is very safe and suitable for various working conditions

Application areas of all-welded ball valve:

City gas: gas export pipelines, main trunk lines and various branch supply pipelines, etc.

Centralized heating: output pipelines, main lines and branch lines of large heating equipment.

Chemical plant: various types of natural gas used in chemical plant production, various heat treatment pipelines

Steel plant: various fluid pipelines, exhaust gas selective discharge pipelines, gas and heat supply pipelines, fuel supply pipelines.

Various industrial equipment: various heat treatment pipelines, various industrial gas and thermal pipelines

Quick details of FB soldering ball valve:

medium: petroleum/gasoline, liquefied natural gas/liquefied petroleum gas, petrochemical industry, steel works, heating pipeline, etc

nominal classics: DN50 (2 ") ~ DN 1,400 (56 ")

pressure range: ANSI Class 150 ~2,500, PN 16 ~ 420

operating temperature: -29℃(-20℉) ~ +200℃(392℉)
operation mode: handle, gear (vertical/horizontal), electric

Construction of full bore fully welded ball valve:

full bore welded ball valve construction

The dimension of full bore welded constructed ball valve:

PNMaximum working pressure                     test pressure
Strength testSeal testSeal test(gas)

How to ship solder fully bore ball valve shipping way of fully welded ball valve

Packing and Loading 

how to pack load FB welded ball valve

Acknowledge certificates

certificates of full bore welded ball valve

full bore ball valve supplier

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