High Pressure Electric Actuated Ball Valve

Product Name: high pressure electric actuated ball valve
Brand: Kemus, also accept OEM Medium: water, oil, Steam, liquefied petroleum gas, acids
Application: mechanical equipment, chemical equipment, general components, industrial equipment

Product Details

                                              High Pressure Electric Actuated Ball Valve

Basic Info

The high pressure electric actuated ball valve is composed of a forged steel/cast steel/ stainless steel high-pressure ball valve body and an angular actuator. The motor high-pressure ball valve is powered by AC220V, AC380V or DC24V power supply voltage, accepts (4-20mA, 0-10mA or 1-5VDC) current signal or voltage signal, you can control the operation, rotate the ball 0 ~ 90 with the torque of the angular stroke , you can complete the opening and closing action or adjustment action.

Product Parameters

Material: cast steel, stainless steel,forged steel

Working temperature: 0 ~ 90 ° 0 ~ 360 °

Working time: 15 seconds / 30 seconds / 60 seconds

Protection device: overheat protection

Ambient temperature: -30 ° ~ 60 °

Mode of operation: electric

Limits: electrical and mechanical double limit

Protection level: equivalent to ip-65

Explosion-proof grade: exdii bt4; special requirements can be customized exdii bt6

Position measurement: optional switch or potentiometer

Drive motor: 8w / e

Incoming interface: pe1 / 2 "incoming line lock

High pressure ball valves actuated by electric: according to ASME、B16.11-1991

Nominal DiameterdLL1HWD

Structure of motor driven high pressure ball valves

push to connect ball valve

How to choose electric driven ball valves

Because the quality of the electric ball valve has a great influence on the safety of the pipeline, when selecting the electric ball valve, it must be selected according to certain steps and basis.


Firstly. Make clear the size of your company's pipeline, and know what kind of nominal dimensions and connection method you need to choose.


Secondly, according to the needs of the pipeline, first determine some common parameters of the electric ball valve, such as discharge capacity, allowable flow resistance, the diameter of the valve seat hole, etc. If these parameters are not selected, the effect of the electric ball valve to control the flow, Will be greatly discounted.


Thirdly,select the appropriate material according to the working temperature of the pipeline. Of course, the working pressure of the pipeline should also be taken into consideration.

Quality Control About Motor operated high pressure Ball Valve

Motor Driven Ball Valve flow

Packing and Loading about Motor Driven Ball Valve

how to pack high pressure electric actuated ball valve

high pressure electric operated ball valve

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