Hydraulic Eccentric Half Ball Valve

Item: hydraulic eccentric half ball valve
Construction: forged steel
Brand: Kemus, also accept OEM
Delivery:5-30 days
Price: Negotiable

Product Details

                                 Hydraulic Eccentric Half Ball Valve

Application & Feature:

Hydraulic control eccentric ball valve series products are widely used in various pumping stations such as water conservancy, thermal power, water supply and drainage, chemical industry, metallurgy and so on.

It is mainly installed at the outlet of the water pump to replace the function of the check valve and gate valve. When working, the valve cooperates with the water pump, according to the preset process

The valve is closed in two stages: quick closing and slow closing, which effectively eliminates and suppresses the pipeline water hammer, ensuring the safety and reliability of the pump unit and the pipeline network system ideal equipment for long journeys.       


Specification of hydraulic control eccentric half ball valve

1.Body material: carbon steel
2.Nominal pressure: 1.6MPa
3.Sealing material: H alloy steel X high-quality rubber
4.Structural form: 0 hemispheres straight through 1 vertical plate
5.Connection: 4 flange type 6 welding type
6.Energy storage: non-accumulator Z-hammer type
7.Transmission mode: hydraulic
8.Valve type: ball valve

9.Functional features: slow closure and recovery

10.Design and manufacturing standards: GB12237 -- 1989 ASME B16.34,API6D 

11. Structure length is as follows: GB12221 ASME B16.1;
12.Connecting end: /T79,GB9113,H592; ASME. B - 16. ASME B16.25;

13.Inspection and testing in accordance with: /T 992, GB/T13927-1992 API598; 

14. Fire protection design according to API67;

Technical parameter of hydraulic eccentric hemispherical ball valve

material performanceMaterial
MediumWater, oil, steamnitrosenitrosestrongly oxidable mediumCorrosive media such as ureanitrose
ItemNominal PressureShell pressure testseal testTop seal testLow-pressure seal testInspection test
Test mediaWater MpaWater MpaWater MpaGas MpaGB/T6440-1992
Pressure test1.0Mpa1.51.11.1

How to ship eccentric half ball valve shipping way of hydraulic eccentric half ball valve

Packing and Loading 

how to pack load hydraulic control eccentric half ball valve

Acknowledge certificates

certificates of hydraulic eccentric half ball valve

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