Spring Return Ball Valve

Item: ball valve
Size: DN15-DN100
Pressure:PN1.6-6.4mpa, 150Lb-600lb
Suitable temperature:F-10-180℃,H-29-425℃
Brand: Kemus, also accept OEM
Delivery:7-25 days
Price: Negotiable

Product Details

 Spring Return Manual Ball Valve

Introduction & Feature:

Spring automatic reset manual ball valve, the handle spring automatically closes the ball valve, including the base and the handle seat. The base is installed on the screw hole of the ball valve platform, and the base is fixed with one end of the tie rod; the handle seat installed on the valve rotation axis is installed with a steel pipe Handle: A tie rod spring is sleeved on the tie rod, one end of the tie rod spring is fixed on the tie rod, the other end is fixed on the steel pipe handle, and the steel pipe handle is hollowed out of the tie rod spring.


1. Manual, fast and automatic reset, to avoid manual operation mistakes, no one closes after opening, resulting in major accidents such as media loss.

2. It is safe and reliable. It can be equipped with a padlock to ensure that the valve is opened when the person is in and the valve is closed by the person. Safety performance is greatly improved.

3. It can be equipped with various 90°return ball valves of ISO5211 platform. It can be equipped with three-piece, two-piece ball valves and flanged ball valves. The size specification is 1/4"-2". It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, food, and sanitation. And other industries.

4. Replace the torsion spring with the simplest compression spring to realize the reset device, and the torque can be adjusted without changing the spring.

5. It has a wide range of applications. All rotary valves equipped with an automatic reset handle can achieve the requirements of automatic reset function.


Specification of spring return type ball valve

Nominal diameter for the thread: DN6-50mm 

Nominal diameter for Flange: DN15-100mm

Connection mode: flange, thread;
Working pressure: PN1.6-6.4mpa, 150Lb-600lb;
Temperature range: F-10-180℃,H-29-425℃;
Material of valve body: WCB,CF8M,CF3M;

Medium: water, steam, oil, etc.

Material list of automatic reset spring ball valve

NoSpare parts                               Material
1Valve bodyCF8CF8M
2Valve coverCF8CF8M

Size table of hand lever ball valve spring return

NPSDND1LHLever length

shipping way of spring ball valve

Packing and Loading 

how to pack spring return manual ball valve

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certificates of spring loaded ball valve

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