Stainless Steel Thread Ball Valve Dimensions

Stainless Steel Thread Ball Valve Dimensions

Brand:KEMUS, OEM. MOQ: 1 pcs Code:Stainless Steel Thread Ball Valve Dimensions Material: CS,DI,WCB, 304, 316, etc.

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Stainless steel Thread Ball Valve Dimensions

Product Description :
Stainless steel ball valves can last up to 20 years. They are not only beautiful in appearance, but also reliable in quality.

1.      Investment casting body
2.      Working pressure 800/1000 psi for W.O.G.
3.      Adjustable stem packing                  
4.      Pure Teflon seals and seats
5.      Temperature range: -60 to 450 °F
6.      Blow-out proof stem, solid ball as per customer request
7.      100% leakage tested at 100 psi air under water
8.      Hydrostatic test pressure: 1500psi
9.      Locking device (option)
10.    Lever Operated


Competitive Advantage of Stainless Steel Ball Valve:

  1. OEM/ODM is applicable

  2. Offer free sample for testing

  3. 100% test before delivery

  4. 18 months warranty

Material List:

Professional production of ball valves, our goal


The utility model provides a high-pressure stainless steel threaded ball valve, which comprises a right valve body, a seat, a valve ball, a left valve body, an antistatic device, a valve stem, a filler, a packing sleeve, a handle, a spring washer and a bolt. The utility model has the advantages of small closing moment, easy sealing, convenient maintenance, high processing accuracy, flexible handle switch and long service life. On the other hand, the unique necking structure is adopted to make the valve seat have large contact surface with the sphere, easy sealing and long service life, and the handle can be manufactured according to the work. Artistic requirements, using manual and automatic handle two kinds.

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