Three Way Ball Valve

Three Way Ball Valve

Brand: KEMUS
Code:Three Way Ball Valve
Material: WCB/CF8 body, WCB+Hcr/CF8 ball, 2Cr13/CF8 stem
Standard: DIN, API 600, API 6D,GB/T 12234

Product Details

Three Way Ball Valve

China Three Way Ball Valve manufacturer KEMUS offers L/T Type Three Way Ball Valves, 150LB, WCB/CF8 body, WCB+Hcr/CF8 ball, 2Cr13/CF8 stem.


Three Way Ball Valve Introduction
Three way ball valve can be divided in to L type and T type. L type three way ball valve (Q44F) is used to change the flow direction and connect mutually perpendicular two pipelines. T type three way ball valve (Q45F) is utilized to divert, interflow and flow reversal, which can connect three pipelines or two pipelines. Three way ball valve usually adopts two valve seats, it can also utilize four valve seats as required.


Performance Parameter of Three way Ball Valve

Three Way Ball Valve Components Materials

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