150mm Butterfly Valve

150mm Butterfly Valve

150mm butterfly valve Specifications Size Range: 2" - 12" (50mm - 300mm) Body Style: Lug Temperature Range: 0°F - 212°F (-18°C to 100°C) Pressure Ratings: Bidirectional Bubble-tight Shutoff: 285 psi (20 Bar) Body (CWP): 285 psi (20 Bar) Body Materials: Ductile Iron, Carbon Steel,...

Product Details

            150mm butterfly valve


  • Size Range:2" - 12" (50mm - 300mm)

  • Body Style:Lug

  • Temperature Range:0°F - 212°F (-18°C to 100°C)

  • Pressure Ratings:Bidirectional Bubble-tight Shutoff: 285 psi (20 Bar)
    Body (CWP): 285 psi (20 Bar)

  • Body Materials:Ductile Iron, Carbon Steel, Nickel Aluminum Bronze

  • Disc Materials:Stainless Steel, Nickel Aluminum Bronze

  • Stem Materials:Stainless Steel, Monel K500

  • Seat Materials:Bonded BUNA-N

  • Applications:High Pressure Industrial and Marine Dead-End service, On-Shore and Off-Shore Fire Protection

Components and Materials

1valve BodyCarbon Steel
Nickel Aluminum Bronze
Ductile Iron 
2valve Disc316 Stainless Steel
Monel K500
Nickel Aluminum Bronze
3valve Stem17-4PH Stainless Steel
Monel K500 
Stainless Steel
4valve SeatBonded BUNA-N1
Valve Type:
  • Shall be one piece lug design with extended neck to allow for 2" of piping insulation.

  • Flange hole drilling per international flange standard as specified.

  • A non-corrosive bushing and a self-adjusting stem seal shall be provided. No field adjustment shall be necessary to maintain optimum field performance.

  • Disc edge and hub on metal discs shall be spherically machined and hand polished for minimum torque and maximum sealing capability.

  • Shall be high strength two piece design

  • Disc-to-stem connection shall be and internal double "D" design with no possible leak paths in the disc-to-stem connection. External disc-to-stem connections such as disc screws or pins are not allowed.

  • Stem shall be mechanically retained in the body neck and no part of the stem shall be exposed to the line media.

  • Shall be tongue-and-groove seat with a primary hub seal and a molded flange O-ring suitable for weld-neck and slip-on flanges.

  • The seat shall totally encapsulate the body isolating it from the line media and no flange gaskets shall be required.

Testing:Valve shall be tested to 110% of the rated pressure.
Pressure Ratings:Valve shall be rated for bubble-tight shutoff at pressure rating shown below.
All Resilient Seated Series 31U valves:
  • 2" - 20" (50mm-500mm) 285 psi (20.0 Bar)

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