Aluminium Butterfly Valve

Aluminium Butterfly Valve

Aluminium Butterfly Valve
Applicable Standards:GB, DIN, ANSI, ASME, JIS, API
Size Range:DN50-DN500, 2"-25"
Operation:Lever handle, Worm gear, Pneumactic actuator, Motor actuator

Product Details

Aluminium Butterfly Valve

Basic Info Of Aluminium Butterfly Valve


1. Small in size and light weight of die-cast aluminum butterfly valve body. Easy valve-to-flange centering work on mounting valves on pipelines.

2. Simple and compact construction, quick 90 degrees on-off operation.

3. Miniminzed operating torque, energy, saving.

4. Flow curve tending to straight line. Excellent regulation performance.

5. Long service life. Standing the test of tens of thousands opening / closing operations.

6. Bubbles-tight sealing with no leakage under the pressure test.

7. Prevention of dew condensation, along stainless steel neck blocks transfer of the fluid heat to a valve operating device, which thus needs no insulation. Dew condensation is minimized also in case of cold water service.

Products Specification about Aluminium Butterfly Valve

ItemWafer Aluminum Alloy Butterfly Valve
Applicable Standards GB, DIN, ANSI, ASME, JIS, API
Size Range DN50-DN500, 2"-25"
Operation Lever handle, Worm gear, Pneumactic actuator, Motor actuator
Acting Mode
Double Acting, Sping Return (Single Acting) are Available
Air Supply Pressure 2.5 to 8bar
Operating Pressure Low Pressure, PN0 to 1.6MPa (0 to 232PSI)
Output Torque 14 to 1170Nm
Lifespan 1,000,000 (1 Million) Times
Angle of Rotation 90° ±4°
Shell Material Aluminum Alloy Extruded
Body Material Aluminum Alloy
Core Material Stainless Steel
Sealing Material NBR, EPDM, FKM (VITON), PTFE (TEFLON)
End Connection Wafer, Lug, Flanged End
Applicable Media Control of Water, Air, Gas, Oil, Liquid, Steam
Temp of Media Range from -10 to +80°C (14 to 176°F) with NBR Sealing
Ambient Temp Standard Type: -20 to +80°C (-4 to 176°F)
Optional Accessories Namur Solenoid Valve, Limit Switch, F.R.L, Position Indicator, Manual Device
Application Food & Beverage, Refining, Desalination, Petrochemical, Chemical,   Pharmaceutical,     Textile, Pulp & Paper, Mining, Marine and Power Industries
Lubrication There is no need for lubrication for standard type under normal operating conditions. Special   lubricants should be used under low or high temperature operating conditions.
aluminium butterfly valvesaluminium butterfly valve

Quality Control About Aluminium Butterfly Valve

Butterfly valves are used for regulating and cutting off the medium flow in the pipeline;

suitable for conveying pipelines of corrosive and non-corrosive fluid medium in furnace,coal gas, natural gas, LPG, city gas, hot&cold air, chemical smelting and power generation environmental protection engineering systems

Packing and Loading about Aluminium Butterfly Valve

300mm Butterfly Valve

butterfly valve


Q: How many factories do KEMUS have?

A: Two factories under KEMUS company: casting foundry, valve machining shop, and Butterfly Valve assembly plant.

Q: What is KEMUS core product?

A:  1. Valves: butterfly valve, gate valve, check valve and control valves.
     2. Valve parts: valve body, valve disc, valve stem and valve seat.

Q: What is special for KEMUS valves?

A: Customization all you ask. We manufacture both valves and valve parts.

Q: What can I get from cooperating with KEMUS?

A: 1. Customized 
    2. Timely production and delivery, time is money.
    3. Market protection service, long term business strategy. 

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