Carbon Steel Butterfly Valves

Carbon Steel Butterfly Valves

Control Butterfly Valve Specifications Size Range: 2" - 20" (50mm - 500mm) Body Style: Wafer & Flanged Long Body Temperature Range: -20°F to 300°F (-29°C to 150°C) Pressure Ratings: 230 psi (16 Bar) Body Materials: Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel Disc Materials: Chrome-Molly Iron...

Product Details

Control Butterfly Valve


  • Size Range:2" - 20" (50mm - 500mm)

  • Body Style:Wafer & Flanged Long Body

  • Temperature Range:-20°F to 300°F (-29°C to 150°C)

  • Pressure Ratings:230 psi (16 Bar)

  • Body Materials:Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel

  • Disc Materials:Chrome-Molly Iron (Hardened), PSZ Ceramic (Partially Stabilized Zirconia)

  • Stem Materials:Stainless Steel

  • Liner Materials:Ceramic (Sintered Silicone Carbide) Metallic Carbide Rich, Chrome Iron Alloy

  • Applications:Highly Abrasive, Slurry Control

Valve Type:
  • Shall be one piece wafer or double flanged design.

  • Sizes 2" - 6" (50mm-150mm) shall be compact wafer style

  • Sizes 8" - 20" (200mm-500mm) shall be long body double flange style

  • Material shall be ductile iron or stainless steel

  • Flange hole drilling per international flange standard as specified.

  • Equipped with an externally adjustable stem packing system that allows packing adjustment without removing the actuator.

  • The body shall be provided with a base plug and cover to provide a means of adjusting the position or the disc to assure proper clearance of the two cylindrical ceramic (PSZ) hubs.

  • Shall be a single offset design

  • Material shall be Chrome-Molly Iron or PSZ (Partially Stabilized Zirconia) Ceramic.

  • The disc shall be a 360° swing through design with no seating on the ceramic liner.

  • The disc shall be held in position by two cylindrical ceramic (PSZ) hubs having minimal clearance with the disc and acting as a running surface for the disc.

  • Shall be one piece design

  • Material shall be 17-4PH Stainless Steel.

  • Disc-to-stem connection shall be an internal hex double "D" design with no possible leak paths in disc-to-stem connection. External disc-to-stem connections such as disc screws or pins are not allowed.

  • Stem shall be provided with blow-out proof stem retention system to assure full retention of the stem in the unlikely event of an internal stem failure.

Ceramic Liner:
  • The seat shall be bonded to the body and totally encapsulate the body, isolating it from the line media.

  • Material shall be S-SiC (Sintered Silicon Carbide) Ceramic.

Testing:Valve shall be tested to 110% of the rated pressure.


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