Centric Butterfly Valve

Product Name:Centric/Concentric Butterfly Valve
Size:2~72" (DN50~DN1800)
Body Material:Cast Iron,Ductile Iron
Working Pressure:150LB (PN10~PN16)

Product Details

Centric Butterfly Valve

Product Name:Centric/Concentric Butterfly Valve

Size:2~72" (DN50~DN1800)

Body Material:Cast Iron,Ductile Iron

Working Pressure:150LB (PN10~PN16)

Basic Info Of Centric Butterfly Valve

Product advantages:

★ It is simple structure: good interchangeability and low price;

★ Stem sealing is not easy deformation, so avoids leakage phenomenon;

★ Overall support is good, stable and solid;

★ Use less rubber of seat, so expansion has small impaction and easy to control torque value at an appropriate range; 

★ Applying to two pieces of no-sells connection, structure is simple and convenient to be maintained;

★ Butterfly valve disc owns automatic alignment function and achieved small combination of disc and seat; 

★ Phenolic back seat is featured such as no loss, tensile, anti-leak, convenient replacement etc;

★ For butterfly valve seat sealing surface and phenolic back as a whole, it can reduce amount of deformation;

Products Specification about Centric Butterfly Valve


Special Material

Titanium or Titanium alloy series


Nickel alloy series


Monel 400,Monel k500

Inconel 600/625/690/750

Incoloy 800/825/800H/800HT

Hastelloy B3/C/C4/C22/C276/G30

Zirconium alloy series

Zirconium 702/703/705

Bronze alloy series

Nickel aluminum bronze C95800

(Super)Duplex Steel

ASTM F51/F53/F55

Other corrosion resistance

Alloy 20,AISI 321,310,904L

Normal Material

Carbon Steel


Alloy Material(Low Temperature)


Alloy Material(High Temperature)


Stainless Steel


Quality Control About Centric Butterfly Valve

Soft sealing butterfly valve is suitable for water supplying and draining gas pipe as adjust flux and cut off medium in foodstuff, pharmacy, chemical industry, petroleum, electric power, light textile, paper making etc. with temperature <150 ℃,nominal pressure <1.6MPa.

Our manufacturing philosophy is to ensure stable quality and just in time delivery.

We have an advanced machining shop. All “wetted” parts are produced in-house to ensure quality consistency by means of state-of-the-art CNC machining cells, experienced operation team.

The high level of automation throughout the organization helps us to serve the most demanding industries in the world in a very flexible, high quality and efficient manner.

Based on international and domestic industrial standards and customer requirements,

we set up higher internal quality assurance standards to implement comprehensive and full quality management.

We arrange PMI and physical review for all incoming materials.

We strictly performance the hydraulic test for each valve according to the worldwide standards and customer requirements.

Additional test such as X-RAY, LPE, US, Cryogenic and etc can be arranged upon request.

We will never allow any defective products leave from the factory.

Packing and Loading about Centric Butterfly Valve

Centric Butterfly Valve

butterfly valve

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