Epdm Seat Butterfly Valve

Product type: butterfly valve
Pressure: PN16
Standard: DIN, GB
Brand: Kemus

Product Details

EPDM Seat Type Butterfly Valve

Brief introduction

It is suitable for pipelines and containers for conveying various corrosive and non-corrosive fluid media in engineering systems such as water supply and drainage, power generation, petroleum, gas (natural gas), chemical industry, smelting, food (beverage), medicine, papermaking, shipping, environmental protection, etc. It is used to adjust and cut off the flow of the medium. Performance characteristics of a wafer butterfly valve

1. The structure is simple and compact, and the weight is light, which is convenient for assembly, disassembly and maintenance. 2. The operating torque is small, turning 90° to open and close is light and quick. ; 3. The flow resistance is small, and the flow characteristics are similar to an inclined straight line, and the energy-saving effect is good. 4. Reliable sealing, zero leakage and long service life.

5. It can be made of various materials and suitable for various media.

Product specification of EPDM rubber seat butterfly valve:

Pressure range: PN16;

Body material: ductile iron;

Stem material: stainless steel/cast steel;

Valve cover material: EPDM rubber;

Valve plate material: duplex steel 2507,1.4529

Connection method: clip-on connection;

Applicable medium: gypsum slurry, limestone slurry, recycled water, process water, wastewater

Applicable temperature: -10~120℃

Product material of EPDM rubber butterfly valve :

Bodycast iron, ductile cast iron
DiscCarbon steel coated rubber, carbon steel coated fluorine plastic, stainless steel duplex stainless steel plate 1.4529, C276
StemSS、 2Cr13、304 

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Certificationscertification of epdm seat butterfly valve


Q1. Can you arrange shipment for us and how long does it take to arrive?

A: Sure, we could search for competitive forwarder for your selection. The arrived date depends on your destination and shipping mode. 

Q2. How to proceed in order for valve?

A: We should make a deal for specification and other details.  Then We offer cost according to your requirements or our suggestions. Once the price and technical data are confirmed, we would put into production after receiving your deposit or payment.

Q3: Do you have your own products standard?

A: Yes, if you have a specific demand, don't hesitate to let me know.

Q4: Do you have the interest to do our own design valves?

A: Absolutely! Let me know the requirement.

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