Flowserve Butterfly Valve

Flowserve Butterfly Valve
Size range: 1-1/2" to 48" DN40-DN1200
handles (1-1/2inches to 12 inches), manual gear operators (1-1/2inches to 48 inches)
Pressure: PN0.6 to PN1.6MPa PN2.5 MPa
Temperature ratings: -35 to 135°C

Product Details

Flowserve Butterfly Valve

Basic Info Of Butterfly valves

suitable for flanges DIN/BS EN1092 -1 PN10/PN16/,ANSI Class125/Class150,etc.

Face to face dimensions:
EN558-1 series 20(Wafer short)
EN558-1 sereis 16(Wafer long)
Wafer short(mm)165190203216254
Wafer long(mm)229241241300350



Products Specification about Flowserve Butterfly Valve

BODY MATERIALS:As the body is internally fully rubber lined, the body material is protected from corrosion by the medium.
Type of materialMaterial standardExample for application
Ductile iron

GGG40, DIN 1693General application
60-40-18,ASTM A536
400-18, BS 2789
Ductile iron(Heat treated)GGG40.3 DIN 1693Heavy applications, Cold applications, petrochemical industries, power stations, alternative for cast steel
Cast stainless steelCF8, ASTM A351Medicine, food, drink

BronzeC-CuSn10Zn, DIN 1705(RG10)Marine service

C90500, ASTM B584

LG1, BS 1400

DISC MATERIALS:As the disc  is in direct contact with medium, the material should be carefully selected
Type of materialMaterial standardExample for application
Ductile iron nickel platedGGG40, DIN 1693Air, non corrosive hot or cold water
60-40-18,ASTM A536

400-18, BS 2789

Ductile iron nylon coatedGGG40, DIN 1693Potable water, water(max. 70°C, PH value between 4.5 and 9)
60-40-18,ASTM A536

400-18, BS 2789

400-18, BS 2789

Ductile iron, PTFE coatedGGG40, DIN 1693Acids, alkalis, oil, water, air
60-40-18,ASTM A536

400-18, BS 2789

Cast stainless steelCF8M, ASTM A351Potable water, demineralized water, solvents, industrial water, not recommended for sea water, gas
Duplex stainless steel1.4462, EN 10088Potable water, cooling water, sea water, demineralized water, solvents, foodstuff
A181, Grade F51

Aluminum bronzeG-CuAl10Ni, DIN 1714Sea water, potable water, gas
C99500, ASTM B148

AB2, BS 1400

Hastelloy-CA494, CW-12MWPhosphoric, hypochloric, acetic, formic, sulfurous

SHAFT MATERIALS:Materials for shafts are selected on the basic of disc materials

Type of materialMaterial standardin combination with disc materials
Stainless steelSS410Stainless steel, ductile iron
High strength stainless steel1Cr17Ni2Stainless steel, ductile iron

Stainless steelSS316Stainless steel, ductile iron, aluminum bronze
Aluminum bronzeCuA10Ni5Fe4, DIN 17665Aluminum bronze
C63000, ASTM B150

MonelNA18, BS 3076Aluminum bronze(high pressure application)
Hastelloy C276ASTM B574, N10276Hastelloy-C

SEAT MATERIALS:It is essential for each individual case that the selection of the type of rubber complies with medium characteristics

Type of materialMaterial standardTemp.rangeExample for application
Nitrile rubberNBR0°C~90°CAliphatic hydrocarbons(fuels, low aromatic containing oils, gasses), sea water, compressed air, powders, granular, vacuum, gas supply

Ethylene-propylene rubberEPDM-20°C~110°CWater in general (hot-, cold-, sea-, ozone-, swimming-, industrial-, etc). Weak acids, weak salt solutions, alcohols, ketones, sour gasses, sugar juice

Special ethylene-propylene rubberSpecial EPDM-10°C~70°CPotable water, foodstuffs, unchlorined drinking water

Special ethylene-propylene rubberSpecial EPDM-30°C~120°CHVAC, chilled water, food stuffs & sugar juice

VitonViton0°C~200°CMany aliphatic, aromatic and halogen hydrocarbons, hot gasses, hot water, steam, inorganic acid, alkali

Special vitonSpecial viton0°C~130°CConcentrated acids
PTFEPTFE10°C~155°CFit for acids, alkalis, oil, not fit for low temperature

NOTE:For use in fluids containing ammonia,all valve parts made from non copper containing materials.

Quality Control About Flowserve Butterfly Valve

 Butterfly valve, lever (gear) operator, resilient seated, centerline design
Design to comply with MSS SP-67, BS5155 and API 609
Compatible with ANSI, DIN, BS, JIS flanges
Size range: 1-1/2" to 48" DN40-DN1200
handles (1-1/2inches to 12 inches), manual gear operators (1-1/2inches to 48 inches)
Pressure: PN0.6 to PN1.6MPa PN2.5 MPa
Temperature ratings: -35 to 135°C
Viton Seat with High Temperautre to 400°C
Connection: wafer type, lug type, u-section Flanged type

Packing and Loading about Flowserve Butterfly Valve

Pre-Sales Service

* Inquiry and consulting support

* Sample testing support

* View our Factory

After-Sales Service

* Training how to instal the machine, training how to use the machine.

* Engineers available to service machinery overseas.

*For example: We took vedio to instruct our customer to replace disc and seat into different material at their own place if needed or install at site

300mm Butterfly Valve

butterfly valve

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