Motorized Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve

Product type: butterfly valve
Pressure: 1.6MPa
Standard: DIN, GB
Brand: Kemus

Product Details

Electric Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve

Brief introduction

The electric two-way eccentric metal hard sealing butterfly valve adopts the design of three-dimensional eccentricity principle, which makes the space movement trajectory of the sealing surface idealized. There is no friction and interference between the sealing surfaces, and the sealing material is selected properly, so as to make the butterfly valve tight. , Corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance and wear resistance have been reliably guaranteed. Its main features are as follows:

1. The opening torque is small, flexible and convenient, labour-saving and energy-saving.

2. The three-dimensional braided core structure makes the butterfly plate tighter and tighter, and its sealing performance is reliable and leak-free.

3. High-pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, long service life, etc.

It is mainly used in water plants, power plants, steel smelting, chemical engineering and other projects. It is especially suitable for gas pipelines in steel plants and used as regulating and intercepting equipment. Compared with the centerline butterfly valve, the double eccentric butterfly valve has a longer life and good working stability. Compared with other valves, the larger the diameter, the lighter the material and the lower the cost.

Product details of motorized double offset butterfly valve:

Size range: DN40MM-DN1200MM
Max operating pressure: 1.6MPa
Shell test pressure: 1.5*PN
Seal test pressure:1.1*PN
Working temperature:-10℃-100℃
Desgin & Manufacture: ISO/DIN 10631-91; GB/T 12238-1989
Face to face: ISO5752-88; GB/T 12221-1989
Flange connection: ISO7005.2;GB9113-1988
Inspection: ISO5209-87;GB12220-1989

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Product material of motorized butterfly valve double eccentric:

Item codePart NameMaterialItem codePart NameMaterial
1BodyWCB、CF8、CF8M、CF8C、CF3、CF3M5Packingflexible graphite
2Stem1Cr13、2Cr13、1Cr18Ni9Ti、0Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti6Packing glandWCB、CF8、CF8M
4Packing gasket2Cr138Worm gear

Certificationscertification of motorized double eccentric butterfly valve

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