Semi Lug Butterfly Valve

Product type: butterfly valve
Collection: semi lug
Standard: JIS
Brand: Kemus

Product Details

Semi Lug JIS Butterfly Valve

The main structural features of the lug type turbine butterfly valve are the wafer type and flange type triple eccentric sealing. The valve seat sealing ring adopts two structures of elastic sealing and soft and hard compatible multi-layer sealing. Its sealing performance is reliable to ensure that the butterfly valve is opened. The plate does not touch the sealing seat, which eliminates the uneven load of the sealing seat, prolongs the service life and ensures reliable sealing performance. It has the advantages of high-temperature resistance, wear-resistance and corrosion resistance. It is widely used in pipelines such as petroleum, chemical industry and ships.

Product characteristic of JIS lugged butterfly valve:

BrandKemusODM / OEMYes
CollectionwaferMaterialCarbon steel, stainless steel, brass, cast iron, cast copper, ductile iron, alloy steel, copper alloy, plastics, ceramics, PPR, PVC, Fluorine, copper
ApplicationWater, steam, oil, all kinds of highly corrosive chemical media, weak acid-base media, ammonia, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, liquefied gas, air, gas, dust gasWorking environmentNormal
Working temperatureNormalFluid directionBi-direction
OperationManualSize range50-2000mm
TypeButterfly Designgeneral formula
Seal typeflexible ConstructionVertical disc type


Standard of semi lug marine butterfly valve:

Flange connection size: JIS B2212; JIS B2213; JIS B2214

Structure length: JIS B2002-1987

Pressure test: JIS B2003-1987

Test of lugged type butterfly valve:

Lining layer: electric spark detection
The test and inspection shall be in accordance with GB/T13927 standard
Nominal pressure: PN (MPa)
Body: PN x 1.5

Seal: PN x 1.1

lug butterfly valve drawing

Size chart of Japanese standard lugged BV:

dimension of semi lug butterfly valve


certification of semi lug butterfly valve

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