Teflon Lined Butterfly Valves

Teflon Lined Butterfly Valves
Size: DN40-DN1200
End Flange: ANSI B 16.1 EN1092 AS2129
Face to Face: ANSI B 16.10 Top Flange: ISO 5211
Normal Pressure: PN1.0/1.6Mpa(150/200PSI)

Product Details

Teflon Lined Butterfly Valves

Basic Info Of Teflon Lined Butterfly Valves


1. Structure simple compact, the weight is light, 90' revolves, the switch is rapid

2. Designs reasonably, the assembling and dismantling is easy, to be advantageousFor the service

3. Uses the eccentric structure, reduces the seal packing collar the friction, lengthensThe valve service life

4. Completely seals, divulges for zero

Product details

Body materialDuctile Iron,cast iron,cast steel, stainless steelsteel
StandardAPI, DIN, JIS, GB
CertificateISO9001:2008 TS,CE,API
ApplicationPetorleum,Chemical,Medicine,Fertilizer,Food and corrosive medium.
PressurePN10,  PN16, 150LB
FeatureAnti-corrosion,Simple structure,Sealing feature is good.
Lined materialPTFE FEP PFA PO FRPP

Suitable temperature


Products Specification about Teflon Lined Butterfly Valves

Teflon Lined Butterfly Valves


MaterialDIPTFEStainless Steel410Aluminium 


Quality Control About Teflon Lined Butterfly Valves

 Teflon Lined Butterfly Valves

Packing and Loading about Teflon Lined Butterfly Valves

butterfly valve

Product advantages:

1.No pin structure to avoid corrosion

Butterfly plate and valve shaft adopt through shaft without pin structure to avoid leakage caused by hole mounting pin and accelerated corrosion caused by coating damage.


2.Valve body is sprayed with Aksu epoxy powder

The valve body is sprayed with world-renowned Aksu epoxy resin powder, which has stronger adhesion and better environmental tolerance after melting and curing. 


3.The product has an independent identity to ensure traceability

Each Bundor product has its own QR code mark, unique identification number, to ensure product traceability.


4.Provide material inspection report

All Bundor products can provide the material inspection report of the main parts.


5.As for the products of Bundor, they are insured by the Pacific insurance company with the quality of 10 million yuan, and the warranty lasts for 2 years. If they are damaged within two years, they will be compensated for the product's quality problem without any conditions.

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