Butterfly Type Check Valve

Item: check valve
Brand: Kemus,OEM also accepted
Material: stainless steel
Size: DN50-1200
Pressure: 1.0-4.0MPa
Delivery: 5-30 days
Price: to be negotiable

Product Details

                                               Butterfly Check Valve 

Brief info

The butterfly check valve adopts the clamp type, the butterfly plate is two semicircles, and the spring is forced to reset. The sealing surface can be built-up welding wear-resistant material or rubber lining, with a wide range of use and reliable sealing. It is often used in pure pipelines and industrial, environmental protection, water treatment, high-rise building water supply and drainage pipelines to prevent the reverse flow of the medium.

The disc of the butterfly check valve is disc-shaped, and it rotates around the shaft of the valve seat channel. Because the inner channel of the valve is streamlined, the flow resistance is smaller than that of the rising butterfly check valve. It is suitable for low flow rate and non-return flow. Large diameter occasions with frequent changes, but not suitable for pulsating flow, and its sealing performance is not as good as lift type. The butterfly check valve is divided into three types: single valve, double valve and multi-valve. The three types are mainly classified according to the valve diameter. The purpose is to prevent the medium from stopping or flowing backwards and to reduce the hydraulic shock.

Product parameters of dual plate type check valve

Nominal diameterDN(mm)50~1200
Nominal pressurePN(MPa)11.62.54
Test pressureStrength test1.52.43.756
Seal test1.11.762.754.4
Suitable mediumWater, steam, oil, wastewater
Suitable temperature-29℃~425℃

Technical standard of butterfly design check valve

1.Design and manufacture standard: JB/T 8937
2.Structural length standard: GB/T 12221-2005
3.Connection flange standard: GB/T 9113
4.Pressure and temperature class: GB/T 12224-2005
5.Test standard: GB/T 13927-2008

construction of check valve butterfly type

butterfly type check valve drawing

Size table  butterfly type non-return valve






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