Check Valve For Sea Water

Check Valve For Sea Water

Check Valve For Sea Water Product Description Flange Swing Check Valve Technical Specifications: 1. Flange end, according to ANSI BS DIN JIS etc. 2. Face to Face: MSS SP-71 DIN3202 F1 , BS4090 /BS5153 3. End Flange: DIN 2543-2545/DIN 2501 4. Inspection and Test: DIN 3230 Flange Swing Check Valve...

Product Details

Check Valve For Sea Water

Product Description
Flange Swing Check Valve Technical Specifications:
        1.         Flange end, according to ANSI BS DIN JIS etc.
        2.         Face to Face:   MSS SP-71 DIN3202 F1 , BS4090 /BS5153        
        3.         End Flange: DIN 2543-2545/DIN 2501
        4.         Inspection and Test: DIN 3230  
Flange Swing Check Valve Specifications:
 1.         Size: DN40-350mm
2.         Working Pressure: 150 PSI, PN10, PN16
3.         Material: Cast iron GG25 or Ductile iron GGG40 / 50
4.         Suitable Temperature: -20 °C to 180 °C  (Different temperature choose different materials)
5.         Suitable Medium: Water, Steam, Oil and natural gas etc.( Different raw material for different medium) Cryogenic, 
         soft seat insert design available for tight shut off where required.
Flange Swing Check Valve Features:
1. Bolted bonnet , pressure PN10/16 ; Class ANSI 125/150
2. We also make production according to specification.
3. Zero leakage under rated pressure.
4. Epoxy coating

Main PartsMaterial
BodyCast iron GG25 or Ductile iron GGG40/50
SealBrass or Bronze
Disc seal ringRubber or Brass
DiscDuctile iron
Hinge pinSS316
BonnetCast iron or Ductile iron

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