Check Valve Types

Check Valve Types


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check valve types

CF8M Stainless Steel Swing Type Non Return Check Valve 

NoPart NameWCB/Trim 1WCB/Trim 5WCB/Trim 8CF8/ 304CF8M/316
1Body A216 WCB A216 WCB A216 WCBA351 CF8A351 CF8M
2Seat RingA105+13 CRA105+STLA105+STLA351 CF8A351 CF8M
3Disc A216 WCB+13CRA216 WCB+STLA216 WCB+STLA351 CF8A351 CF8M
4Arm A216 WCB A216 WCB A216 WCBA351 CF8A351 CF8M
5Nut A194 2H A194 2H A194 2HA194 8A194 8M
6Arm pin182 F6a182 F6a182 F6aA182 F304A182 F316
7YokeA216 WCBA216 WCBA216 WCBA351 CF8A351 CF8M
8Bonnet NutA194 2HA194 2HA194 2HA194 8A194 8M
9Bonnet BoltA193 B7A193 B7A193 B7A193 B8A193 B8M
10BoltA193 B7A193 B7A193 B7A193 B8A193 B8M
12BonnetA216 WCBA216 WCBA216 WCBA351 CF8A351 CF8M
13Eye BoltA181A181A181ASTM A181ASTM A181

we are prepared to deliver it by plywood.If it is container transport, we will send the marine flanged valves  directly into the port warehouse and load it into the container. After the material arrive port of destination, forklift trucks are needed to discharge and move material on truck to warehouse.

Our advantage:
a) Cooperate with CSIC(China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Corporation) , we more professional on marine industry.
b) We provide sample for examing and testing before confirm the order;
c) Once production finished, your sales manager will accompany with you inspection in the factory;
d) Sales provide you 18hr online service; Engineer online service time are 10:00-16:00 (GMT+8);
e) We have a long-term agreement with out manufacturer, means that our prices are more competitive.
f) Quality and price we also concern like you, we never sale shoddy.


Chemicals, air, water, steam, oil, acids, salts ect


1. Small in size, light in weight, compact in structure,easy in maintenance.

2. Two torsion springs are used excreting on each of the pair valve plates,which close the plates quickly

   And automatically.

3. The quick-close action prevents the medium from flowing back and eliminates water hammer effect.

4. Short body structure length and good rigidity.

5. This valve is tightly sealed, without leakage under the pressure water test.

6. Safe and reliable in operation,high interference-resistance.

We company have other valves: gate valve, check valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, safety valve, globe valve, plug valve, etc....

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