Non Return Valve Types

Non Return Valve Types
Flange standard GB 9119 /JIS /DIN / ANSI B 16.34
Design and Manufacture :Q/12 NJ3583-2001
Inspection and Test :GB/T 13927-2008/API 598
Face to Face : ISO

Product Details

Non Return Valve Types

Features & Benefits of Non Return Valve Types


The structure is ideal both in terms of flow and process requirements. In addition, turbulence does not occur during emptying

It can provide all the current international standard interfaces, such as welding type, clamp type or thread type.

The non return valve body materials are all US304.SUS316L. Of course, other alloy steels can also be used according to customer requirements. 

Bottom valve can be equipped with manual or pneumatic. A foot valve must be installed for each water pump. 

The foot valve is usually installed below the water surface, while the water bottom valve is installed above the water surface. , 

Is an ideal water diversion equipment and can also replace the vacuum pump and vacuum device.

The surface of the valve body can be mechanically polished or electropolished according to customer requirements, and the accuracy can reach 0.25um.

Products Specification about Non Return Valve Types


Flange standard GB 9119 /JIS /DIN / ANSI B 16.34

Design and Manufacture :Q/12 NJ3583-2001

Inspection and Test :GB/T 13927-2008/API 598

Face to Face : ISO 

 Main parameter And Dimension


Non Return Valve Types


1BodyCI   /   DI
2DiscCI   /   DI  / SS304 /SS316
4StemStainlless Steel
5SpringStainlless Steel



Select and Use

    In order to prevent reverse flow of medium, Non return valve shall be installed on equipment, device and pipeline

    Non return valve is generally suitable for cleaning medium, not suitable for medium with solid particles and high viscosity

    The installation position of swing check valve is not limited. It can be installed on horizontal, vertical or inclined pipelines. If it is installed on vertical pipelines, the flow direction of medium shall be from bottom to top

    For high and medium pressure check valves with DN greater than 50mm and less than 600mm, swing check valve should be selected

Quality Control About Non Return Valve Types

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Packing and Loading about Non Return Valve Types

Foam Bag + Export Wooden Box + Tray

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 OEM expertise

    As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), we know our products better than anyone and pass Provide the best service to optimize the life of each valve system. Because we are good at product knowledge and training Training, so it can help customers save time and cost while providing the best service to customers.

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