Slow Closing Butterfly Check Valve

Product Name:slow closing butterfly check valve
Type:Check Valve
Place of origin: China
Medium:Purified water, source wood, sewage, sea water

Product Details

Slow Closing Butterfly Check Valve

Main features of the butterfly design check valve

1. Small size, lightweight, structure length is only about one-third of a swing check valve.

2. The slow closing system has excellent performance and is not affected by the medium in the pipeline. The valve disc closes quickly and then slowly closes to prevent destructive water hammer.

3. Rubber soft seal, good sealing performance, wear-resistance and long service life.

4. Rubber buffer, smooth opening and closing, no vibration, no noise.

5. Compared with the old-fashioned check valve, the six resistance is smaller, and it has an obvious energy-saving effect.

Product specification of slow closure butterfly type check valve:

  • Nominal diameter:DN40-300mm

  • Product pressure:1-2.5Mpa

  • Material:WCB

  • Design conforms to CJ/T154-2001

  • Flange size conform to: HG20592

  • Inspection & test conform to: GB/T13927

Product parameter of a slowly-closing butterfly check valve

2Body seal ringHard alloy + ethylene propylene
3discrubber vulcanized rubber
4Disc seal ringHard alloy + ethylene propylene
5Slowly-closing deviceWCB
6Oil storage cylinderWCB
7Microregulating valveAssembly
8BoltQuality carbon steel
10Axle sleeveCopper alloy
11SpringSilico-manganese steel

slow closing check valve drawing

Slow closure type butterfly check valve dimensions:

size table of slow closing butterfly check valve

Qualified certificates

certificates of slow closure butterflycheck valve


packing and loading of slow closing butterfly check valve


Q: I need a small quantity, what do I do?

A: Pls check with our sales team if it’s in stock or if we have distributor locally.


Q: Can I nominate forwarder to deliver our order?

A: Yes, if it makes things easy at your side, not any problem.


Q: Can I get a sample fist? And how does it charge?

A: Yes, a free sample is available with freight collect or prepaid.


Q: What if the tiles are broken during transition?

A: All our products are insurance, our after-sales will sort our the reasons and will sure you’ll be properly compensated.

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