Water Check Valve Backflow Preventer

Water Check Valve Backflow Preventer

Water Check Valve Backflow Preventer
Backflow Preventer, Check Valve
Suitable pressure: 1.6Mpa
Applicable medium: clean water
Temperature of medium: ≤ 60 degrees celsius
Backflow Preventer(Check Valve, Water Treatment)
It can prevent drinking water from pollution...

Product Details

Water Check Valve Backflow Preventer

Features & Benefits of Water Check Valve Backflow Preventer

Main technical parameters

Nominal pressure:   1.0-2.5 Mpa

Nominal Path:        50-600 mm

Applicable medium:   water

Applicable temperature:    0-80 C

Flange standard:       GB/T17241/6GB/T9113

Test standard:      GB/T13927 AP1598


Products Specification about Water Check Valve Backflow Preventer

HS41X -A Antifouling partition valve  Backflow Preventer, Check Valve QT450

HS41X-A anti-fouling partition valve consists of two separated check valves and a hydraulic drive to the drain valve. The check valve body is equipped with a filter screen. Because of the partial head loss of the check valve, the pressure in the middle chamber is always lower than that in the intake. This differential pressure drives the drain valve to be closed and the pipeline to supply water normally. When the pressure is abnormal (that is, the outlet pressure is higher than the backbone chamber), even if the two check valves can not be reversed sealed, the drain valve can automatically open and empty the backflow water, and form an air partition to ensure the sanitation of the upstream water supply.

HS41X-A anti-fouling partition valve type A product structure has the characteristics of rationality, easy to use products, strong sealing performance, durability and beautiful appearance. HS41X-A anti-fouling partition valve is widely used in power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, gas, urban construction, paper making, textile, medicine, food, shipping, water supply and drainage, energy, drilling and other departments.


Water Check Valve Backflow Preventer


Part Name: Material

Body: Cover cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel

Disc: carbon steel, stainless steel, rubber

Stem: Aluminum bronze, chromium stainless steel

Diaphragm: Rubber

Diaphragm Plate: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel

Spring: stainless steel

product mix



Quality Control About Water Check Valve Backflow Preventer

Full Flow Swing Type Check Valve

Packing and Loading about Water Check Valve Backflow Preventer

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