Manual Actuated Diaphragm Valve

Series:manual diaphragm valve
Product seal: hard seal
Size: DN25-DN100
Pressure range: 0.6-6.4MPa
Standard: BS
Place of origin: China
MOQ: 1set

Product Details

    Manual Actuated Diaphragm Valve


The manual through diaphragm valve is characterized by a structure without a stuffing box, and the throttling element is an elastic diaphragm, which can ensure that there is no leakage when the valve is closed. It is suitable for occasions that allow pollution and dangerous restricted areas. Because the flow path is smooth, the flow resistance is small, and the flow capacity is great, it is extremely suitable for high-concentration crude fibres and media with more suspended particles. The diaphragm and valve body lining materials are made of corrosion-resistant materials, which have superior anti Corrosion performance.


Technical Parameter of manual hard sealed diaphragm valve

Product size: DN25~100

Product pressure: 0.6-6.4MPa

Product material: cast steel, stainless steel, cast iron etc

Connection type: Flange

Product seal: hard seal

Structure type: diaphragm type

Drive mode: manual

Applied standards

Design and manufacture: BS5156

Structure length: BS5156 (short structure)

Flange: Bs4504

Material list of handwheel diaphragm valve

NoPart NameCast ironWCBSS
3diaphragmRubber, fluoroplastic

manual actuated diaphragm valve drawing

Size table of manual operated diaphragm valve

Rated flow36.64452.595133272372
Rated travel(mm)24242436485865

Packaging & Shipping

manual actuated diaphragm valve manufacture


dispatch of manual actuated diaphragm valve

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