Pneumatic Operated Pvc Diaphragm Valve

Item:diaphragm valve
Material: PVC, UPVC
Connection: flange, thread
Pneumatic actuator: double-acting reciprocating, single-acting normally closed, single-acting normally open
MOQ: 1set
Place of origin: China

Product Details

    Pneumatic Actuated PVC Diaphragm Valve


The PVC diaphragm valve is composed of two parts: a diaphragm valve and a pneumatic actuator. It uses compressed air as the power to adjust the flow of fluid media in the processing pipeline. Because the valve body with corrosion-resistant lining and corrosion-resistant diaphragm are adopted in structure, the structure without stuffing box, the throttling element is an elastic diaphragm, and the flow passage of the valve body is smooth, the pneumatic diaphragm valve has small female force, large flow, It has the advantages of no leakage, convenience, reliability, fire prevention and explosion protection. It is widely used in the flow adjustment of a strong acid, strong alkali, strong corrosion, high viscosity, glume-containing, fibre-containing, and toxic and non-contaminated media in industrial automation systems.



1.Advantage of a pneumatic PVC diaphragm valve

1. The pneumatic diaphragm valve has a simple structure and is easy to quickly disassemble and repair; due to its operating structure separated by medium channels, it can ensure the purity of the medium. It is suitable for chemically corrosive or suspended particles, and even difficult to transport dangerous media. However, because the lining material limits its use temperature and pressure can not be too high.

2. The pneumatic diaphragm valve is actually equipped with a flexible diaphragm or a combined diaphragm in the valve body and valve cover, and the closing part is a compression device connected with the diaphragm. The valve seat can be a weir shape or a pipe wall that directly leads to the flow channel.



2. Product parameter of pneumatic actuated plastic diaphragm valve

[Nominal diameter]: DN15-DN50

[Pressure rating]: 1.0MPa

[Valve body material]: PVC, UPVC

[Diaphragm material]: EPDM+PTFE

[Cylinder material]: aluminium alloy, polyamide PA

[Sealing valve seat]: NBR, EPDM, PTFE

[Structure form]: DC type

[Connection mode]: threaded, flange

[Voltage range]: AC220V/110V/380V/24V 50/60HZ DC24V/12V +10% to -10%

[Temperature Range]: EPDM: -30~120℃ PTFE: -30~150℃

[Pneumatic actuator]: double-acting reciprocating, single-acting normally closed, single-acting normally open

[Pneumatic accessories]: reversing solenoid valve, limit switch, air filter pressure reducing valve, electric positioner, handwheel mechanism

pneumatic operated pvc diaphragm valve  drawing

3. Size table of a plastic pneumatic diaphragm valve


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