Brass Foot Valve

Product Name:brass foot valve
Material: brass
Place of origin: China
Price: to be negotiable

Product Details

Brass Foot Valve

Brief introduction of the brass bottom valve

Brass bottom valve with mesh is suitable for a kind of energy-saving valve. It is generally installed at the bottom of the water pump underwater suction pipe. It restricts the liquid in the water pump pipe from returning to the water source and plays a function of only entering and not leaving. There is a stainless steel mesh cover on the bottom of the valve. , Played a role in filtering impurities.

The brass-plastic core-bottom valve is mainly used for the connection of water pipes to prevent the water in the inlet pipe from flowing back and filter impurities in the water. It is not easy to break and the structure is reliable. Good sealing performance. It can protect the water pump more effectively. The joints are made of brass, neat and beautiful.

Quick details of brass bottom valve with strainer

Size: DN15-100

Pressure: 1.6MPa

Working medium: water, oil

Working temperature: -20℃-120℃

Design specification: GB/T 12233

Structure length: GB/T 12221
Connection: JB/T 79,HG20592,GB9113,ANSI
Tests and inspection: GB/T13927

Pressure-temperature standard: GB/T 9131

Threaded end: ISO 228

Material list of brass foot valve with strainer

Sealing surfacerubber

Size table of foot valve with strainer

dimension of brass foot valvebrass foot valve drawing

Qualified certificates

certificates of brass bottom valve


packing and loading of brass foot valve with strainer

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