Ductile Iron Foot Valve

Product Name:foot valve
Material: ductile iron
Place of origin: China
Price: to be negotiable

Product Details

Ductile Iron Bottom Valve

Brief introduction of the DI bottom valve

The bottom valve is composed of the valve, valve disc, valve cover, bushing, sealing ring and other parts. As shown in the figure below, the water from the water source enters the valve body from the valve cover. Under the pressure of the fluid, the valve disc opens the water,

When the indicator stops, the pressure in the outlet pipe will quickly close the valve flap, and the liquid will not be poured back to the water source, which plays a role in smooth pumping and saving water energy loss.

Quick details of GGG50 foot valve with strainer

Nominal pressure: PN0.25MPa

Nominal diameter: DN32~DN200

Applicable medium: water, oil, and non-corrosive medium

Applicable temperature: ≤50 o C

Main component materials: GGG50, nitrile rubber

Executive standard: Q/12 NJ3583-2001

Test standard: GB/T13927-1992

Material list of brass foot valve ductile iron

Bodyductile iron
Discductile iron
Sealing surface13r
Strainerasbestos board

ductile iron foot valve drawing

Size table of foot valve


Qualified certificates

certificates of DI bottom valve


packing and loading of ductile iron foot valve with strainer


Q.What is the procedure for requesting a manufacturing quotation?
A.Simply call or write to us with your inquiry. Be sure to provide basic details: size, material, connection way, pressure, medium etc.
Q.What are your quality control procedures?
A.We are strict quality control procedures that begin with product design and carry through to the end of the production process using quality control equipment. 
Q.How are orders packed and shipped?
A.We pack and ship as export standard. 
Q.Do Kemus products come with a warranty?
A.Yes. 1-year warranty on al purchases that begins with the bill of loading. 

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