1500LB Gate Valve

Brand: KEMUS
Code:1500LB Gate Valve
Material: Ductile Iron, WCB, A217, SS304, SS316, CF8M, etc.

Product Details

1500LB Gate Valve

Basic Info

Matters needing attention

1. Handwheels, handles and transmission mechanisms are not allowed to be lifted and collisions are strictly prohibited.

2. Double gate valves should be installed vertically (i.e. the stem is in the vertical position and the handwheel is at the top).

3. Gate valves with bypass valves should be opened before opening (in order to balance the pressure difference between inlet and outlet and reduce the opening force).

4. Gate valves with belt drive mechanism shall be installed according to the specifications of the product.

5. Lubricate the valve at least once a month if it is frequently switched on and off.

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