24 Inch Knife Gate Valve

MOQ: 1 pcs
Code:24 inch knife gate valve
Material: CS,DI,WCB, 304, 316, ETC.

Product Details

24 inch Knife Gate Valve

Basic Info

This knife gate valve designed for desulfurization and denitrification purposes, and it featured by compact size, light weight, solid article cutting, automatic deslagging, and quick open/closure, and has been successfully used on desulfurization and denitrification units in CNPC Jingmen, Maoming, Jinling, Baling, Wuhan, and Guangzhou plants as well as in Hainan and Jinan refineries. All these knife gate valve are made in China. 

Products Specification Of 24 inch Knife Gate Valve

24 inch Knife Gate Valve

Quality Control Of 24 inch Knife Gate Valve

24 inch Knife Gate Valve

Packing and Loading Of 24 inch Knife Gate Valve

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