6 Inch Gate Valve Weight

6 Inch Gate Valve Weight

MOQ: 1 pcs
Code: 6 inch gate valve weight
Material: CS,DI,WCB, 304, 316, ETC.

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6 inch Gate Valve Weight

Basic Info

 Cast iron rubber lined gate valve  is a type of stopper placed on a pipe system to block flow. These gate valves simply prevent the passage of liquid using a wedge that slides in and out of the pipe. In most cases, the gate valve is designed to be completely opened or completely closed. As a result, these gate valves are rarely used as a means of flow control; they generally just stop flow completely or are unused. Partially-closed gate valves may increase pressure in a system in unpredictable ways or cause vibration in the liquid.  

Products Specification Of 6 inch Gate Valve Weight

6 inch Gate Valve

Quality Control Of 6 inch Gate Valve Weight

6 inch Gate Valve Weight 

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