6 Inch Hydraulic Gate Valve

6 Inch Hydraulic Gate Valve

MOQ: 1 pcs
Code: 6 inch hydraulic gate valve
Material: CS,DI,WCB, 304, 316, ETC.

Product Details

6 inch Hydraulic Gate Valve

Basic Info

Soft seal gate valve is a replace ment products for traditional gate valve. It uses resilient disc to produce a samll amount deformation compensation to achieve a good sealing effect.

Gate valve has the advantages of integral encapsulation, corrosion resistance, not easy breakage, good elasticity memory and long service life. It is widely used in tap water, sewage, construction, food, electricity, medicine, metallurgy, textile, energy systems and other fluids pipeline as a regulator and shutoff device.

Products Specification Of 6 inch Hydraulic Gate Valve

6 inch Hydraulic Gate Valve6 inch Hydraulic Gate Valve

Quality Control Of 6 inch Hydraulic Gate Valve

Gate Valve

Welded Bonnet Gate Valve

Packing and Loading Of 6 inch Hydraulic Gate Valve

Gate Valve factory

1.  OEM Factory : Gate valve professional manufacturer, clients from whole world. A group of highly experienced technical engineers is right here waiting for any of your requests.

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3.  Complete Service: Long service Life, Fast delivery, Multilingual services.

4.  Low MOQ: Ready for providing the sample and producing some small orders.

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