American Flow Control Gate Valve

Brand: KEMUS
Code:American flow control gate valve
Material: Ductile Iron, WCB, A217, SS304, SS316, CF8M, etc.
Standard: API 600, API 6D,GB/T 12234

Product Details

American Flow Control Gate Valve

Basic Info

American standard gate valve on both sides of the seal and gate travel a certain degree, make gate wedge, then the center axis of the valve in the pipeline, & have spent Switch used in pipeline and containers. Wedge gate valve is widely used in petroleum industry, chemical plants, and some thermal power plant.

Design criteria :API 600、GB/T 12234

Small flow resistance design

Low torque

Restrictions on the flow of medium without direction

Seal stability, can for a long period of time is suitable for various conditions 。

Valve seal design

Stem adopts flexible graphite and graphite packing seal 。

Pressure seal structure

Solid gate design

Non-rising stem stem design

Insulation and jacket design

Products Specidicate of American Flow Control Gate Valve

American  standard gate valvegate valve dimensiongate valve sizegate valve connection size

Quality control of American Flow Control Gate Valve

Gate valve is a safety product, so to ensure the quality of the valve, production must be the most stringent, gate valve production in strict accordance with the standard, to ensure product quality.

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 Packing and Loading American Flow Control Gate Valve

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