Clow Canada Gate Valves

Clow Canada Gate Valves

ate valves are designed for fully open or fully closed service. They are installed in pipelines as isolating valves, and should not be used as control or regulating valves. Operation of a gate valve is performed doing an either clockwise to close (CTC) or clockwise to open (CTO) rotating motion of the stem. When operating the valve stem, the gate moves up- or downwards on the threaded part of the stem.

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clow canada gate valves

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Product Description

In addition to the advantages of resilient seat gate valve, the OS&Y gate valve has the outside screw, it can be more intuitive to indication the height of opening, it is often used in fire and industrial systems. Generally installed at a higher position from the ground.

Technical Date For Ductile Iron PN16 Flanged Rising Stem Gate Valve For Water
Model Number
Flange Ends Standard
Body Material
Ductile iron ,QT450 
Valve Disc Material
Ductile iron EPDM coated
Seat Material
Working Pressure
16 Bar (PN16)
Sealing Test Pressure
1.76 Mpa
Body Strength Test Pressure
2.4 Mpa
-23°C to +100 °C
Manual Operated By Hand Wheel
Blue or Fire Red
Connecting Size
2 inch,2.5 inch,3 inch,4 inch,5 inch, 6 inch, etc
Resilient Wedge Stem Gate Valve
OS&Y (Rising Stem ) Gate Valve

Main Features

1. Thrust bearings to reduce operating torque.
2. Three O-ring can significantly slow down the phenomenon of water leakage, and in the case of pressure and constant water to replace the O-ring.
3. Precision machining valve rod, can reduce operating torque
4. Internal and external usd of rubber fully coated, connect firmly, can avoid fall of while long-term use.

5. No dent at the bottom of valve body, is not easy to cause debris accumulation.

6. In the body, the use of non-toxic powder epoxy resin coating, strengthening anti-corrosion ability, improve the quality of water.

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