Double Disk Gate Valve

Double Disk Gate Valve
Technical Parameters
Nominal pressure:1.0~2.5MPa
DN: 50~600mm
Operating temperature :0~80℃
Applicable medium: water oil gas and so on
Flange standard:GB/T 17241.6 GB/T 9113
Test standard: GB/T 13927 API 598

Product Details

Double Disk Gate Valve

Features & Benefits of Double Disk Gate Valve

A gate valve comprises a valve body, it with a flow linewhich can be obstructed by a valve closure member  actuated by means of an axially displaceable valve stem.In the closed position, said valve closure member  is in tight contact with a valve seat arranged inclined relative to the flow direction. The gate valve is characterized in that the nominal width and overall length of said valve body correspond to the dimensions defined by the standards relating to wafer-type fittings.It includes of body,body sealing ring, disk, bonnet,stemm, bevel gaer and bypass. The working pressure is PN10,PN16 and PN25. It can be according to BS,AWWA,DIN,JKS standard.

Products Specification about Double Disk Gate Valve

Main MaterialCan ensure us impose reliable control in metal material like casting and forging.
ColorAs Custom
Main MarketSoutheast Asia,The Middle Eas,North Africa,South America
Certificate ISO 9001, API 600, API 6D , API Q1, CE/PED etc

We are one of the leading manufacturers in china to supply quality valve solutions for oil, gas, refinery, chemistry, marine, power plant, pipeline transmit industries etc.;



Industry,electric power,petrochemistry,coal gas channel etc.


To make a fast&successful offer to you(valued customers) , we need follow information.
1.Valve type
7.Body material
8.Trim material
9.Desgin standard
11.other special requirements 

Double Parallel Disc Gate Valve
Products Design Features
Double parall el disc gate valve is a product with new structure , which has small open-and-close moment, high speed , little vibration ,long performance life and reliable operation , lt is mainly applied to cut-off or d ischarge of gas and liquid delivery pipelines .

Quality Control About Double Disk Gate Valve

Sewer Gate Valve

Packing and Loading about Double Disk Gate Valve

Bi Directional Ball Valve

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There are Class150,Class300,Class400,Class600,Types in our factory,Please leave us a message if you want to get more information about the products

Remarks : we also can make according to the drawing of customer . 

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China Ball Valve Supplier

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