Gate Valve Ansi 150

Gate Valve ANSI 150
1.Sutiable: water,stem,oil products(carbon steel valve)
sell the sour kind(stainless steel valve)
2.suitable madium:25 °C(carbon steel)
<=325°C(stainless steel valve)
3.The valve tests pressure and valve maximal actuating pressure falling in the all of the various levels temperature.

Product Details

Gate Valve ANSI 150

Know more about the gate valve

The gate valve is an elastic-seat,divided into(by forms) gate valve with scale display, rising-stem gate valve, signal gate valve, groove-type gate valve, it streesses on every detail of the design. it has built-in safety system, its disc is wholly covered and vulcanized by EPDM synthetic rubber, the valve has outstanding serviceability because of the compressive resilience of rubber,dual layer bonding/vulcanizing process and solid disc structure. The remarkable reliabiliy of the valve owes to the triply safe sealing system of the valve spindle, super strong valve spindle and comprehesive corrosin resistance, it is especially suitable for the pipelines in automatic sprinkler system and fire hydrant system , or can be used as ideal cutoff device for the pipelines in water supply/drainage , petroleum and chemical industries.

Technical parameters of gate valve

Body / Cap
Ductile iron
Ductile iron+EPDM
Stainless steel
Top nut
Holding rising
Bearing nut
Carbon steel
Hand wheel
Carbon steel
Common is Red/Blue, accept customize
Epoxy paint(300um)
Water system
Gate Valve ANSI 150

The Casting Technology for Gate Valve Body


Transportation of gate valves

wedge shaped gate valve

This valve has the advantages of easy open and close,reliable sealing, excellent elastic memory and long life. Elasticity seals gate valve can be widely applied to water, textile,electric power,shipbuilding, metallurgy and energy systemm,teh fluid pipeline as a regulator and flow devices.


1. The seal is designed with dustproof ring plus three "O"-seal ring, reliable sealing, on-line replaceable.
2. Both gate and aluminum bronze bearing are in in aid design good self lubrication, high strength and can have the aluminum bronze bearing replaced without need to replace the gate integrally, after a long time use.
3. Rubber wrapped gate anti-corrosion, good tightness.
4. Advanced surface treatment, coated with non-toxic epoxy resign static powder, anti-corrosion, pollution-free, can be used drinking water pipeline.
5. The body is designed without gate slot, the smooth passage will not get impurities filling up , more applicable for sewage working condition.
6. The integral seal works raliably. For the high pressure seal, leaving zero leakage under1.5 times nominal pressure and ,for the low pressure one ,under 0.02Mpa.

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