Gate Valve Distributors

Gate Valve Distributors

Brand: Kemus
Despite serving very different functions, gate valves, globe valves, and check valves are often spoken about concurrently, due to the many similarities in: construction material grades, trims, and other technical specifications. A Gate Valve, also known as a sluice valve, is the most common type of valve used and are a cost-effective way to provide a quality sealing valve with a high-temperature tolerance.

Product Details

Cast Iron Gate Valve Distributors

Kemus also is a cast iron gate valve distributors. Cast iron gate valves are primarily designed to start or stop flow and when straight-line flow of fluid and minium flow restriction are needed. 

In service, these valves generally are either fully open or fully closed. The disk of a Gate valve is completely removed when the valve is fully open; the disk is fully drawn up into the valve Bonnet. This leaves an opening for flow through the valve at the same inside diameter as the pipesystem in which the valve is installed. 

There are many clients from all over the world to be our gate valve distributors. 

A Gate valve distributors can be sale those valves to many fields such oil, gas, water etc...

Construction of a Gate valve

Many gate valve distributors are concern about Gate valves consists of three main parts: body, bonnet, and trim. The body is generally connected to other equipment by means of flanged, screwed or welded connections. The bonnet, which containing the moving parts, is attached to the body, usually with bolts, to permit maintenance. The valve trim consists of the stem, the gate, the disc or wedge and the seat rings.


*Flange Mounting BS10 Table 'E' and 'D'

*BS3464 Gate Valve Distributors

*Non Rising Stem

We have a huge range of Cast Iron valves available on our website, if you can't find what you're 

looking for. Please get in touch with our sales team who will help you find what you need.  

Common Size for Gate Valve Distributors Reference

ModelDN (mm)Turns for full cyclePressure RangeMedia TempWeight (kg)
KEMS-05050120 to 16 BAR0 to 80°C9
KEMS-06565120 to 16 BAR0 to 80°C12
KEMS-08080190 to 16 BAR0 to 80°C14
KEMS-100100230 to 16 BAR0 to 80°C22
KEMS-125125270 to 16 BAR0 to 80°C28
KEMS-150150320 to 16 BAR0 to 80°C33
KEMS-200200350 to 16 BAR0 to 80°C51
KEMS-250250440 to 16 BAR0 to 80°C101
KEMS-300300530 to 16 BAR0 to 80°C148

Model of Gate Valve Distributors 

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Cast Iron Gate Valve Distributors

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Handwheel Gate Valve

cast iron gate valve distributors.jpg

Paiting Gate Valve

cast iron gate valve.jpg

Gate Valve

Domestic Partner

   ball valve characteristic 2

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