Motorised Gate Valve

Motorised Gate Valve
2"-48",Class150--Class1500br /> ASME/API600/API6Dbr /> Face to face to ANSIB16.10br /> Flanges drilled to ANSI B16.5 br />

Product Details

Motorised Gate Valve

Know more about the gate valve

Motorized gate valve,with Electric actuator

DIN/EN gate valves

Design and Manufacturer to DIN3352/BSEN1984

Flanges drilled to EN1092/DIN/ISO PN10-16-25-40-63-100

Body/bonnet/disc:Carbon Steel/Stainless steel

Seat:Carbon stee//Stainless steel/STL


1.Small volume,light weight,easy installation and maintenance. 2. Simple and compact structure,90° turning and quick switching-on and off. 3.Small handwheel operating torque,which is energy saving and light(handwheel optional). 4. The flow characteristics tend to be straight and the adjustment performance is good. 5.Multiple control signals,switch control. 6. The battery capacity:2Ah 5Ah7.Disposable battery is used for DC voltage control type.
8.Optional control circuit:Type A/Type B/Type C/Type D/Type E/Type F.
9. The ambient temperature from-20℃to +60℃. 10.The protection class:IP65

Technical parameters of gate valve

Features of motorized gate valve

1. Because of parallel double disc structure, the operation and maintenance is very convenient.

2.The structure is parallel double disc, with good slef sealing performance.

3. Non-rising stem structure, the product is very compact and accupies little space.

4. For DN>600, by-pass valve is equipped, pressure can be released before opening valve, to reduce opening torque.

Motorised Gate Valve

Gate Valve dimension

The Casting Technology for Gate Valve Body


Transportation of gate valves

wedge shaped gate valve

The electric valve is simply to control the valve with an electric actuator to open and close the valve. It can be divided into upper and lower parts, the upper part is the electric actuator and the lower part is the valve. The action force distance is larger than the electric valve. The action speed of the electric gate valve can be adjusted. The structure is simple and easy to maintain. Due to the cushioning characteristics of the gas itself during operation, it is not easy to be damaged due to jamming, but it must have a gas source, and its control system is also More complicated than electric valves. The electric gate valve is responsive, safe and reliable. Many manufacturers with high control requirements set up a compressed air station for pneumatic instrument control components. Electric is the device that needs electricity and can control its flow.

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