No Leaking Gate Valve

No Leaking Gate Valve

Valves Structure features The slurry valves all round channel design make it no sediment. Knife plate bottom sharp design blade shape, can cut off soft materials such as fiber, paper pulp and wood pulp. Good opening and closing action can improve the gate seal face, clean sealing surface adhesion, automatic removal of impurities. 2. Stainless steel gate plate to prevent seal leakage caused by corrosion. 3. Short structure save raw materials and installation space, also effectively support the strength of pipeline. 4. Four rods supports save materials and ensure the mechanics performance. 5, the guide block on the valve body make the gate right movement, squeezing block ensure effective seal. 6. Body reinforcement design increased the strength of the body. 7. Slurry valve inside can be made to V shape or triangular shape, to adapt to the fluid control requirements. 8. Slurry valves can be assemble with handwheel, manual zipper, spur gear, bevel gear, pneumatic, electric and electric hydraulic accessories. 9. Working temperature: Soft seal (NBR) ≤80 ºC (PTFE): - 40 ºC~180 ºC Carbon steel: - 29 ºC - 425 ºC stainless steel: - 40 ºC ~600 ºC Process Pressure: 0.6, 1.0, 1.6, 1.0, 1.6MPa

Product Details

Products Features:

Compact design, small volume, light weight, cheap price, easy to installation, wear proof, anti-blocking, easy maintenance and long service time. Various motor device is selectable.

Z73X gate valve installation
Trouble shooting

Potential faultsFaults reasonmethod of troubleshooting
Seal leakageSeal ring impuritiesClean seal ring
Damage of the sealingReplace seal ring
upper seal leakageUpper seal packing looseScrew down packing or cover bolt
Upper filling degradationOiling or replace the filling
Flange surfaceThe bolt haven't be tighten equallyTighten the bolt with equally force
Flange seal invalidationReplace flange gasket
switch jamDriving device to dryadd lubricants to the driving device
switch malfunctionDriving device damageReplace driving device or
repair by professional people

Installation and usage
1. Before installation, must check whether the valve model meets the demand of the working conditions.
2. Teflon or rubber such soft seal type, must check confirm sealing surface and inside clean.
3. Before installation, must leave enough operating space for valve.
4. For electric valve or electric hydraulic control valve, when out of factory, the valve was debugging well. When use the first time, to prevent wrong wiring, please manually open the valve to full open or half open state, and then power on with no-load to test.
5. Air (hydraulic) control valve must ensure the valve have enough gas (hydraulic) pressure.
6. When installation, the bolts should be uniform tighten.
7. When installation, Avoid bumping the valve or screw valve components at will.
8. If the valve top seal outside, must be regular filling sealing oil.
9. In dry areas, if the valve actuator is spur gear, filling oil regularly.


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