Non Rising Stem Knife Gate Valve

Non Rising Stem Knife Gate Valve
Pressure:PN10 & 150PSI &JIS10K
Body:GGG40,WCB+solid solution,CF8 +solid solution,CF8M+solid...
Stem:WCB; SS420;F304+solid solution,F316+solid solution

Product Details

Non Rising Stem Knife Gate Valve

Basic Info

Introduction for  knife gate valve:

Knife gate valve is with replaceable rubber seat knife gate structure, its sealing 

principle is mainly by closely connection between gate ans rubber seals. Its main characters is that the rubber sealing ring is set in seat' groove and is locked by metal seat, which will prevent rubber seat off when opening and closing the valve. If the 

seal is broken, you can remove the metal seat and replace the rubber seal, which 

will greatly improve valve' working efficiency. This valve is a cost-effective, high-performance products. The series of knife gate valve can be equipped with pneumatic actuators, in order to meet the requirements of different industrial and mining use.


Retention area narrow, gate sharp, applicable in think material and powder objects.


Liquid, Powder, Corrosive Liquid and so on.

Design Features

1. Liftable sealing surface of wedge can scrape of f the adhered things on the sealing surface and automatically eliminate the impurities.
2. The Stainless steel wedge can prevent sealing leakage due to corrosion.
3. The integral stainless steel materials can prevent corrosion and damage.
4. The scientific back seal packing box design makes the bak seal safe, effective and durable.
5. The triangle supporter ensures necessary mechanical properties.
6. V shape wedge can serve as control valve. 
7. The guide block on the valve body enables the wedge to move correctly and extrusion block provides effective sealing for the wedge.
8. The design of valve body reinforcing rib can enhance the body strength.

Products Specification about Non Rising Stem Knife Gate Valve

Size:2"-40" or DN50-DN1000    

Pressure: Class150LB or PN10-PN16

Material:WCB, Cast Iron, Ductile Iron,WCC, LCB, LCC, WC6, WC9, C5, C12, CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, CF8C, CN7M,etc.

Design & Manufacture Std.: MSS SP-81,MSS SP-135,ASME B16.34

Face to Face Std.: MSS SP-81,MSS SP-135,API B16.10,DIN 3202  

End Connection Std.: ASME B16.5, ASME B 16.47,MSS SP-81

Test Standard: ISO5208,MSS SP-81, API598

Operated way: Handwheel, Gear, Pneumatic, Electric Actuator

Leakge:s/s hard steel:Grade D(Liquid0.1*DNmm3/s)


Production of paper pulp, water, water treatment, swage

Chemical: Powder product crystalline solid

Agriculture: Brewing of Wine

Powdering Industrial: Cement, start and transmission to store.

Non Rising Stem Knife Gate Valve


Quality Control About Non Rising Stem Knife Gate Valve

Our Innovation  

Quality & Service Our top priority has always been providing our clients with great quality products and superior customer service.  

Quick Lead Time We're dedicated to providing the quickest turnaround times and work very hard to ensure that all of your deadlines are met.  

Unbeatable Prices We continuously strive to find ways of reducing our production costs, and passing the savings over to you! 

Quantity Guarantee Period 12 months from the date of shipment. If the valves determined to be defective, we will replace the defective part without charge .After warranty period, you are requested to pay for the labor charge.

Knife Gate Valve

Packing and Loading about Non Rising Stem Knife Gate Valve

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The mainly product of our company as following several series: Pneumatic Angle seat valve,Knife gate valve, Ball valve,Pneumatic filling valve camlock coupling connector,and can undertake all kinds of stainless stell precision casting business.Company’s products from the production of casting to assembly testing cengcengbaguan,make the product got fully in terms of quality assurance,product be used in water supply and drainage,food,petroleum,chemical,electric power,pharmaceutical and other industries.Excellent,quality make the company’s  products to all over the world to "Guanyu Machinery, towards the World"has been fully affirmation. Company will,as always,follow the principle of "Quality first , Customer supreme",to build the own brands, service all our customers.

If you want more details or sepcial Non Rising Stem Knife Gate Valve, call or mail me, I will ask engineer for help.

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