Resilient Seated Gate Valves

Fire Fighting Signal Gear Box Gate Valve With Resilient Seat Brief introduction
Brand: KEMUS
Valve Standard: BS EN 13789 BS 5163
Nominal diameter: 2"-48"/DN50–DN600

Product Details

 Fire Fighting Signal Gear Box Gate Valve With Resilient Seat

Gate Valve Brief introduction:

The gate valve is used the stem lifting the disc to control the open and close. It can see the open throught the stem. Rising stem gate valves require enough installation space.


Gate Valve Specification

Valve Standard:   BS EN 13789      BS 5163

Nominal diameter: 2"-48"/DN50–DN600

Working pressure: PN10/16Bar

Face-to-face:  EN558 Series10

Connection:  BS EN1092-2 PN10 / PN16 flange drill.

Tightness check: API 598    ISO 5208   EN12226-2

Epoxy fusion coating.



Gate Valve Application:

Gate valves are used in larger systems to close \ gate system, while globe valves are used in smaller systems and to regulate the flow of the system. They can not be closed in different situations as specified in the specifications. There are many kinds of gate valves, such as open-pole gate valves, dark-pole gate valves, wedge gate valves and single-disc gate valves. Multi-valve gate valve is the valve body structure is different, large volume. In general, large and nominal diameter DN50 mostly uses gate valves, especially in industrial high temperature, high pressure and high toxicity occasions.

The difference between flange gate valve and ordinary gate valve is that flange gate valve is of good quality, durable and easy to install, but its price is a little high, and it is generally used in large pipelines. Ordinary can also be used, such as smaller caliber, easy to replace places.

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