Socket Welding,Inner Screwed Gate Valve

Socket Welding,Inner Screwed Gate Valve

MOQ: 1 pcs
Code:Socket Welding,Inner screwed Gate Valve
Material: A105, 304, 316, ETC.

Product Details

Socket Welding,Inner screwed Gate Valve

Basic Info

Internal threads and socket welded forged steel gate valve, forged steel socket welded gate valve fluid resistance is small, opening and closing the required moment is small, can be used in two-way flow of the medium loop network pipeline, that is to say, the flow direction of the medium is not limited. When fully open, the erosion of sealing surface by working medium is smaller than that of globe valve. The structure is simple, the manufacturing process is good, and the length of the structure is short. The gate valve should be the wildly use valves.

Products Specification about Socket Welding Gate Valve

Socket Welding Gate ValveSocket Welding,Inner screwed Gate Valve

weld gate valvegate valve structure

Quality Control About Socket Welding Gate Valve

The details of the process of gate valve

And we engineer can teach you how to use and install the gate valve.

All gate valve are propduce based on the strict test process.

800 socket weld gate valve

Packing and Loading about Socket Welding Gate Valve

When packing the gate valve, should use ploywood case or wooden case.

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