Vacuum Gate Valve

Product Name:API gate valve
Standard: API, ANSI
Size range: DN20-DN250
Place of Origin: China
Power: handwheel
MOQ: 1set
Logo: Kemus or as per your customized

Product Details

                                          Air Less Gate Valve

Brief introduction of  vacuum item gate valve

There are two types of vacuum type gate valve connection: flange and welding, and there are two driving methods: manual and electric. The valve is suitable for pipelines whose working temperature is ≤425℃, and the working medium is water, steam or air, as an opening and closing device; it is especially suitable for steam turbine condensation and vacuum negative pressure systems in thermal power plants, and plays a role of vacuum isolation and sealing.

1. Designed a vacuum-sealed packing chamber to isolate the system from the atmosphere and have good environmental performance.

2. Exquisite selection of materials, in compliance with relevant domestic and foreign standards, and high overall quality of materials.

3. The sealing pair is advanced and reasonable, which improves the sealing performance and has a long service life.

4. The opening and closing parts adopt two-way elastic sealing of parallel rams, with low friction, easy opening and closing, convenient maintenance, reliable sealing and excellent performance.

5. After quenching and tempering and surface nitriding treatment, the valve stem has good corrosion resistance, scratch resistance and wear resistance.

6. Flange gaskets are made of composite materials, with large expansion coefficient, good airtightness, and reliable isolation of the system from the atmosphere.

Product specification of airtight gate valve

Product diameter: DN50 ~ DN800
Product pressure: 1.0-10.0Mpa

Material: cast steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, etc

Applicable service: water, steam, air

Temperature: ≤425°C

Nominal pressureShell strength testBack seal testSeal test

Material Table of API wedge constructed gate valve

PartnameBody, BonnetStemWedge gateSealing faceParkingFastener
MaterialWCB2Crl325H:alloysteelExpanding graphitecarbon steel

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Materials display

materials display of vacuum gate valve

How to produce vacuum gate valve

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