Welded Bonnet Gate Valve

Welded Bonnet Gate Valve

MOQ: 1 pcs
Code: welded bonnet gate valve
Material: CS,DI,WCB, 304, 316, ETC.

Product Details

Welded Bonnet Gate Valve

Basic Info

The forged steel gate body cover is welded, and the valve body and cover are welded and sealed according to this connection form. The advantage is that there is no leakage.

Structure and characteristics of gate valve:

* Full or reduced diameter

* open pole bracket

* Self-centering press sleeve

* Bolt Connection, Full Welded Seal Connection and Internal Pressure Self-Tightening Connection Cover

* integral upper seal seat

Products Specification Of Welded Bonnet Gate Valve

Welded Bonnet Gate ValveWelded Bonnet Gate Valve

Quality Control Of Welded Bonnet Gate Valve

Welded Bonnet Gate Valve

Packing and Loading Of Welded Bonnet Gate Valve

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Welded Bonnet Gate Valve Advantage:

Directly buried technique, no need of a gate well, reducing the laboring for installation and construction and the buried depth can be adjusted.

Long life, without internal leak,  the merits with an elastic gate valve

No affection to the traffic, safe and reliable, integrated with the underground portion, effectively protected against land subsidence

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