Forged Steel Socket Weld Globe Valve

Item:forged steel socket weld globe valve
Nominate diameter: 1/2"-2"
Pressure class: 150-2500
Place of origin: China
Brand: Kemus,OEM is also available

Product Details

                                    Forged Steel Socket Weld Globe Valve

Feature of forged steel SW globe valve

1. Globe valves are designed and manufactured in accordance with API 602 and ASME B16.34. Check and test according to API 598.
2. Full bore or reduced bore

3. OS&Y

4. Self-centring pressure plate type

5. Bolted and wound gasket sealed bonnet, nut connected, all-welded sealed bonnet and threaded connected internal pressure self-tightening bonnet
6. Integral upper sealing seat
7. Socket weld is in accordance with ASME B16.11
8. Threaded end (NPT) in accordance with ANSI/ASME B1.20.1
9. The disc may be throttled, needle, ball or check

Product material of steel forging socket weld globe valve 

Part NoPart NameCS to ASTMAS to ASTMSS to ASTM
Type A105NType A182 F22Type A182 F304Type A182 F316(L)
1BodyA105NA182 F22A182 F304(L)A182 F316(L)
2DiscA276 420A276 304A276 304(L)A276 316(L)
3StemA182 F6aA182 F304A182 F304(L)A182 F316(L)
4Seal seatA105A182 F304A182 F304(L)A182 F316(L)
5Seal ring316A182 F304A182 F304(L)F316(L)
6BonnetA105NA182 F22A182 F304(L)A182 F316(L)
7Round pinA276 420A182F304
8MatA105NA182 F22A182 F304(L)A182 F316(L)
9Ascension nutA194 2HA194 4A194 8A194 8M
10PackingFlexible graphite +304 wire316 with PTFE
11Packing glandA276 420A182 F304
12Packing gridA105A182 F304
13Swing boltA193 B7A193 B16A193 B8A193 B8M
14NutsA194 2HA194 4A194 8A194 8M
15Stem nutsA276 420

17Applicable mediumWater, steam, oil, etcWater, steam, oil, etcNitric acid, acetic acid, etc
18Applicable temperature-29℃~425℃-29℃~550℃-29℃~200℃

The dimension of socket welding forged steel globe valve

NPSReduced bore3/8"1/2"3/4"1"11/4"11/2"2"

Full bore

Construction of SW forged steel globe valve

drawing of forged steel socket weld globe valve


 how to pack and ship SW forged steel globe valve

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